Three Approaches to Biblical Metaphor

From Abraham Ibn Ezra and Maimonides to David Kimhi


This volume explores how the poetic technique of biblical metaphor was analyzed within the Jewish exegetical tradition that developed in Muslim Spain during the Golden Age of Hebrew poetry and was then transplanted to a Christian milieu. Abraham Ibn Ezra and Maimonides applied concepts from Arabic poetics, hermeneutics and logic to define metaphor and interpret it within their philological-literary readings of Scripture. David Kimhi integrated their methodologies with the midrashic creativity and sensitivity to nuance typical of his native Provence to create a new literary interpretive system that highlights the expressiveness of metaphor.
This study is important for readers interested in metaphor, the Bible as literature, the history of biblical interpretation and the inter-relation between Arabic and Hebrew learning.

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Mordechai Z. Cohen, Ph.D. (1994) in Bible, Yeshiva University, is Associate Professor of Judaic Studies at Yeshiva University. He has published articles on Bible, medieval biblical interpretation, and the integration of Arabic poetics and logic in medieval Jewish learning.
Medievalists and all those interested in biblical interpretation, Bible as literature, Jewish studies, the inter-relation of Hebrew and Arabic learning, and the theory of metaphor form literary, linguistic and philosophical perspectives.
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