Christianity in Modern China

The Making of the First Native Protestant Church


Using mainly hitherto unstudied primary materials, this monograph studies a very significant episode in Chinese Christianity. Focusing on the origins and earliest history of Protestantism in South Fujian, this analytical-critical study investigates the evolution of the churches which pioneered in indigenisation and ecclesiastical union in China during the nineteenth century.
Some subjects studied are primitive missionary objectives and methods, the relationship between the ‘Talmage ideal’ and the Three-self concept, and the nature and dynamics of ‘native’ religious work. Extremely useful is the critical assessment of South Fujian in terms of self-propagation, self-government, self-support and organic union. The key areas suggested for future research are also quite thought-provoking. The volume is especially valuable to social and church historians, missiologists and sociologists.

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Biographical Note
David Cheung, Ph.D. (University of London), teaches at Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines and is a contributor to the Handbook of Christianity in China, Volume 2 (Brill, forthcoming).
Review Quotes
"En tant que monographie d'un sujet précis limité dans l éspace et dans le temps, l'ouvrage de David Cheung demeure un document précieux sur l'implantation de la msiion protestante au Fujian peu après les traités qualifiés plus tard d'«inégaux»." – Jean Charbonnier, Études Chinoises, 2004
"...a very valuable micro-cosmic exploration of indigenous and ecumenical church history which takes us much closer to the realities of local Christian experience in south China. Technical Notes and Glossary are included along with full Bibliography and Index." – John C. England, Asian Journal of Technology, 2004
Readers interested in Christian missions, Christianity in China, missiological methods, the indigenisation of Christianity in the non-Western world, ecclesiastical devolution by Western Christian missions, the modern ecumenical movement.
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