The Carolingians in Central Europe, their History, Arts and Architecture

A Cultural History of Central Europe, 750-900


This book presents an historical overview of the Frankish realms in Central Europe during the Carolingian period. Against this background Part II of the book examines the cultural inventory deposited by the scribal culture in Central Europe as represented by manuscripts, crystals, ivories and gem encrusted liturgical art. Part III deals with such examples of Carolingian wall painting and architecture as are still evident in Central Europe. Though some examples are derivative, many are original. To reflect the splendor of the objects and surfaces discussed in Parts II and III, the book is lavishly ornamented with pertinent color illustrations. Black and white illustrations generally serve the representation of architecture.

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Herbert Schutz, Ph.D. (1968) German, Toronto, Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Brock University, Canada. Fifth in a sequence of cultural histories of Central Europe from prehistoric times to the end of the Carolingian period, this volume follows Tools, Weapons and Ornaments. Germanic Material Culture 400-750 (Brill, 2001).
' Schutz describes various works of literature, manuscripts, ivory carvings, reliquaries, palaces, and churches to demonstrate the variety of styles within the Carolingian realms, particularly eastern Francia. The book is a storehouse of information and illustrations of the diverse artifacts of Carolingian culture...' Anna Taylor, H-Net Review, 2005.
List of Illustrations List of Maps Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction PART A. THE CAROLINGIAN REALMS I. Reaching for the crown—Continuity and change in the realms of the Franks II. Towards Empire III. Charlemagne’s successors IV. Towards the partition of the Empire V. The emerging profile of Central Europe VI. The last unification of the Empire PART B. BOOKS, GEMS AND IVORIES VII. The recapitulation of origins VIII. Carolingian scribal culture IX. Religious literature X. Secular literature XI. The cloister arts XII. Illuminated manuscripts—Evangelists XIII. Illuminated manuscripts—Ruler Portraits XIV. Illuminated manuscripts—Christ in Majesty XV. Illuminated manuscripts—Narrative style XVI. Engraved crystals XVII. Ivories XVIII. Gems, precious metals and bronzes—Liturgical art PART C. PALACES AND BASILICAS XIX. Architecture—Palaces XX. Architecture—Wall painting XXI. Architecture—Basilicas Conclusion Selected Bibliography Index
All students of the cultural history of the Early Middle Ages in Central Europe, interested especially in Art and Architecture and their continuity and originality.