The Commentary of Albertus Magnus on Book I of Euclid's Elements of Geometry


The Commentary of Albertus Magnus on Book I of Euclid’s Elements of Geometry is the third in Lo Bello’s series on the Elements. Lo Bello provides the first modern translation of a key Latin text of the Elements in the Middle Ages, the commentary of the Dominican scholastic philosopher Albertus Magnus (d. 1280), the teacher of Thomas Aquinas. The volume includes a translation, notes on the translation, and a critical examination of the mathematical content of the three commentaries on Euclid’s Elements of Geometry thus far treated in this series.

The Three Volumes are also available as set (ISBN 0 391 04197 5)

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Anthony Lo Bello received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Yale University in 1975 under the supervision of S. Kakutani. He is currently Professor of Mathematics at Allegheny College, Meadville Pennsylvania.
Historians of Mathematics, Historians of Science, Mathematicians, Mediaevalists, Scholastic Philosophers, scholars interested in the Dominican order in the thirteenth century.
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