Larvae of Anomuran and Brachyuran Crabs of North Carolina

A Guide to the Described Larval Stages of Anomuran (Families Porcellanidae, Albuneidae, and Hippidae) and Brachyuran Crabs of North Carolina, USA


This guide is a compilation of the available descriptions of the zoeal and megalopal stages of anomuran (Families Porcellanidae, Albuneidae, and Hippidae) and brachyuran crabs found off of North Carolina, USA. Descriptions of the zoeae of 44 species and the megalopae of 34 species are included, along with keys for their identification.
The purpose of the key is to allow investigators with minimal taxonomic background to identify crab larvae to the species level. To this end, lengthy and complex morphological descriptions have been avoided and the focus has been on gross morphological differences among taxa.


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Table of contents

Introduction Species list Larval crab anatomy Key to zoeae Porcellanid-like zoea key Brachyuran-like zoea key Key to megalopae Larval descriptions (taxonomically arranged) Acknowledgements Appendix I Appendix II References Figures 4–48b Taxonomic index


This work should be valuable to marine biologists and ecologists who have previously only had access to this information as scattered manuscripts published in diverse scientific journals.