Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, Volume 5

Practices, Interpretations and Representations


A unique collaboration of over 900 scholars from around the world, the Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures crosses history, geographic borders and disciplines to create a ground-breaking reference work reflecting the very latest research on gender studies and the Islamic world.
No other reference work offers this scale of contributions or depth and breadth of coverage.
Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures is set to become an essential reference work for students and researchers in the fields of gender studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, as well as scholars of religion, history, politics, anthropology, geography and related disciplines.
This encyclopedia consists of six volumes (including an Index volume), published from 2003 to 2007.

The Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures is also available online. For more information see Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures Online.

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Suad Joseph, Ph.D., Columbia University, New York, is Professor of Anthropology and Womens Studies at the University of California, Davis. She has published Intimate Selving in Arab Families: Gender, Self and Identity (Syracuse University Press,1999), Gender and Citizenship in the Middle East (Syracuse University Press, 2000) and (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001).
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Arts: Belly Dancers
Arts: Composers
Arts: Dance: Expression and Ritual
Arts: Fiction and Fiction Writers
Arts: Film Directors and Film Stars
Arts: Performers and Performing Groups
Arts: Poets and Poetry
Arts: Remembrances and Narrations
Arts: Storytellers and Raconteurs
Arts: Sung Praise Poetry
Arts: Theatre
Arts: Visual Arts and Artists
Arts: Women Journalists and Women’s Press
Arts: World Music

Islam: Critiques of the Impact of the Emergence of Islam on Women
Islam: Early Expansion and Women
Islam: Islam and Modernities
Islam: Jewish and Muslim Sources, Discourses, and Interactions
Islam: Saints and Sacred Geographies

Language: Use by Women

Qurʾān: Modern Interpretations

Religious Practices: Ablution, Purification, Prayer, Fasting, and Piety
Religious Practices: Conversion
Religious Practices: Obedience and Disobedience in Islamic Discourses
Religious Practices: Piety
Religious Practices: Pilgrimage
Religious Practices: Prophecy and Women Prophets
Religious Practices: Religious Commemorations
Religious Practices: Waqf
Religious Practices: Zakàt (Almsgiving) and Other Charitable Practices

Representations: Afterlife Stories
Representations: Creation Stories
Representations: Dream Literature
Representations: Erotic Literature
Representations: Fiction, Modern
Representations: Film
Representations: Humorous Depictions
Representations: Legends and Epics
Representations: Legends, Epics, and Performance: West Africa
Representations: Metaphors of the Female Body
Representations: Music
Representations: Muslim Women and Gender in the Colonial Imagination
Representations: Poetry, Modern
Representations: Poetry and Prose, Pre-modern
Representations: Print, Broadcast, and Electronic Media
Representations: Proverbs, Adages, and Riddles
Representations: Qur’ān
Representations: Romance Fiction
Representations: Sufi Literature
Representations: Sufi Women, Early Period, Seventh–Tenth Centuries
Representations: Theatre
Representations: Visual Arts
Representations: The Wiles of Women Literature

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