Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, Volume 3

Family, Body, Sexuality and Health


Editor: Suad Joseph
Volume III, Family, Body, Sexuality, and Health¸ holds 196 articles on 56 topics. It includes articles on aging; the body; breastfeeding; celibacy; child marriage; childhood; courtship; disabilities; food preparation; funerary practices; genital cutting; health policies, practices, and education; poverty; HIV and AIDS; reproduction; incest; love; marriage discourses and practices; reproduction; science; sexual harassment; discourses, education and practices related to sexualities; sports; suicide; and virginity. The articles are organized alphabetically by topic and within topics alphabetically by region. In addition, Volume III includes an extensive bibliography and analysis of over 1,000 doctoral dissertations written on women and Islamic cultures.

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Suad Joseph, Ph.D., Columbia University, New York, is Professor of Anthropology and Womens Studies at the University of California, Davis. She has published Intimate Selving in Arab Families: Gender, Self and Identity (Syracuse University Press,1999), Gender and Citizenship in the Middle East (Syracuse University Press, 2000).
List of Contributors, List of Illustrations, Acknowledgments, Preface (Suad Joseph)
Amulets, Fortune-Telling and Magic
Bodily Waste
Body: Female
Child Marriage
Childhood: Coming of Age Rituals
Childhood: Premodern and Modern
Food Preparation
Funerary Practices
Genital Cutting
Health: Drug Use
Health: Education
Health: HIV and AIDS
Health Policies
Health and Poverty
Health Practices
Health Practices and Nutrition and Dietary Practices
Health and Reproductive Health
Health: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Love: Modern Discourses
Love: Premodern Discourses
Marriage: Islamic Discourses
Marriage Practices
Mental Health
Nutrition and Dietary Practices
Population Planning and Policies
Reproduction: Abortion
Reproduction: Abortion and Islam
Reproduction: Birthing Practices
Reproduction: Conception, Reproductive Choices, and Islam
Reproduction: Health
Reproduction: Infertility
Reproduction: Medicalization of
Reproduction: New Technologies
Science: Medicalization and the Female Body
Science and Modern Islamic Discourses
Science and Nation
Sexual Harassment
Sexualities: Practices
Sexualities: Scientific Discourses, Modern
Sexualities: Scientific Discourses. Premodern
Sexualities: Sex Education Manuals, Modern
Sexualities: Transsexualities
Sexualities: Transvestism
Sleeping Fetus
Spirit Possession
Scholars and Scholarship: Production of Doctoral Knowledge on Women and Islamic Cultures
(Tony Beukers, Eva Brown, Rhyen Coombs, Megan Fowler, Monica Garcia, Beth Lansom, Fatima Malik,
Andrea McNees, Marya Osucha, Emily Rostel, Michelle Sandhoff, Cristeta Shope, Paulina Telderer,
Nancy Wan)
Appendix, Bibliography, Indices to Volume III, Name Index, Subject Index