Isis en Occident

Actes du IIème Colloque international sur les études isiaques, Lyon III 16-17 mai 2002


In this volume, 16 contributions by specialists of political and religious history of Antiquity give a precious general overview of the diffusion of Egyptian cults in the West. The first part gives a very precise survey of the diffusion of Egyptian cults in the western Roman world, while the second part of the book is devoted to special fields usually considered as subsidiary (numismatics, lychnology, gemmology), but in fact essential for a better understanding of the success of the Isiac cults in the Graeco-Roman world between 330 BC and 400 AD.

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Laurent Bricault, Ph.D. (1994) in Egyptology, Paris-Sorbonne, is the coordinator of different international projects concerning the Egyptian cults. He recently published an Atlas de la diffusion des cultes isiaques (Paris, 2001) and Recueil des Inscriptions concernant les cultes isiaques (Paris, 2003).
All those interested in Egyptology, History of Antiquity, of Religions, of the Mediterranean Graeco-Roman world, and in research and understanding of the reception of the "oriental" cults by Romans.
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