Dialect, Culture, and Society in Eastern Arabia, Volume 2 Ethnographic Texts


Dialect, Culture and Society in Eastern Arabia is a three-volume study of the Arabic dialects spoken in Bahrain by its older generation in the mid 1970s, and the socio-cultural factors that produced them.
Volume I: Glossary, published in 2001, lists all the dialectal vocabulary, with extensive contextual exemplification, and cross-referenced to other lexica, which occurred in the complete set of texts recorded during fieldwork.
Volume II: Ethnographic Texts presents a selection of these texts, transcribed, annotated and translated, and with detailed background essays, covering major aspects of the pre-oil culture of the Gulf and the initial stages of the transition to the modern era: pearl diving, agriculture, communal relations, marriage, childhood, domestic life, work. Excerpts from local dialect poems concerned with these subjects are also included.
Volume III will comprise a detailed study of the linguistic structure of the dialects in their regional context.
Biographical Note
Clive D. Holes, Ph.D. (1981) in Linguistics, University of Cambridge, is Professor for the Study of the Contemporary Arab World at the University of Oxford. He has published widely on the Arabic language and its dialects, and is a Fellow of the British Academy.
Table of contents
General Introduction Acknowledgements Volume II: Ethnographic Texts Introduction: texts and text types Map 1 and key Map 2 and key Index of Speakers and Texts Language Notes Abbreviations and Conventions References Chapter 1: Pearl Diving Chapter 2: Agriculture Chapter 3: Communal Relations Chapter 4: Marriage Chapter 5: Domestic Life Chapter 6: Childhood Chapter 7: Work Chapter 8: SawAlif Appendices 1A Hull shapes of pearling boats 1B Boat parts 1C Sails, masts, and rigging Addenda and Corrigenda to Vol I
All those interested in the Arabic language, its dialects and their history, the social and cultural history of the Arabian Gulf, and oral history more generally.
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