The Faces of Freedom

The Manumission and Emancipation of Slaves in Old World and New World Slavery


Editor: Marc Kleijwegt
This volume is concerned with examining the histories of freed slaves in a variety of slave societies in the ancient and modern world, ranging from ancient Rome to the southern states of the US, the Caribbean, and Brazil to Africa in the aftermath of emancipation in the twentieth century. The aim of this work is to present a comparative forum for the study of freedpeople. By identifying what is separate and what is universal about freedpeople it hopes to add to a better understanding of the role and impact of manumission and emancipation in different slave societies.

Contributors include: Valentina Arena, Steeve Buckridge, Mariana Dantas, Marc Kleijwegt, Martin Klein, Rita Reynolds, Chandima Wickramasinghe, Swithin Wilmot, and Nigel Worden.

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Marc Kleijwegt is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is the author of Ancient Youth: The Ambiguity of Youth and the Absence of Adolescence in Graeco-Roman Society (Gieben, 1991) and co-editor, with Wim Jongman, of After the Past: Essays in Honour of H.W. Pleket (Brill, 2002).
Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors List of Illustrations and Tables PART I. EMANCIPATION AND MANUMISSION IN OLD AND NEW WORLD SLAVERY 1. Freedpeople: A Brief Cross-cultural History, Marc Kleijwegt PART II. FREEDPEOPLE IN A SLAVE SOCIETY 2. Liberti and Libertas: A Call for Civic Freedom, Valentina Arena 3. Freed Slaves, Self-presentation and Corporate Identity in the Roman World, Marc Kleijwegt 4. Redemption of Slaves in Ancient Sri Lanka, Chandima Wickramasinghe 5. Wealthy Free Women of Colour in Charleston, South Carolina, during Slavery, Rita Reynolds 6. Inheritance Practices among Individuals of African Origin and Descent in Eighteenth-century Minas Gerais, Brazil, Mariana Dantas PART III. FREEDPEOPLE AFTER EMANCIPATION 7. Coercion and Freedom in the Cape Colony, 1652–1856, Nigel Worden 8. “We not slave again”: Enslaved Jamaicans in Early Freedom, 1838–1865, Swithin Wilmot 9. Dress: From Slavery to Freedom among Jamaican Colonised Women, 1790–1890, Steeve Buckridge 10. After Slavery in French West Africa: The Problem of the Invisible Slave, Martin Klein Index
All those interested in the world history of slavery and comparative history, as well as historians in general.