Le Temps et les Temps

dans les littératures juives et chrétiennes au tournant de notre ère


This volume deals with calendar and liturgical times on the one hand. It discusses questions related to the establishment of the calendar and the observance of traditional and new feasts in Palestine and in the diaspora. On the other hand this book deals with the predetermined organization of the times. It considers the periodization of times and the idea of a revelation being carried out from one period to another; the irruption of the fixed Time and the concomitant representation of a recovery of the times; and the expectation of the last times. In particular, the texts from Qumran, the New Testament, and hellenistic Jewish literature are investigated, but older and more recent texts are taken into account as well.

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Christian Grappe (Hab. 1992) teaches at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg. There, he is professor of New Testament and head of the Intertestamental Research Group.
Jean-Claude Ingelaere is Master of Conferences on the New Testament at the same faculty since 1972.
All those interested in the Bible and the Ancient jewish literature, in the question of Time and the history of calendars, as well as theologians, historians of Antiquity.
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