Gnostica, Judaica, Catholica. Collected Essays of Gilles Quispel


This volume brings together a rich and varied collection of essays by Gilles Quispel (1916-2006), Professor of the History of the Early Church at Utrecht University from 1951 until his retirement in 1983. During his illustrious career, Professor Quispel was also visiting Professor at Harvard University in 1964/65, and visiting Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven from 1969 until 1974.
The fifty essays collected in this volume testify to most of the prominent themes from Professor Quispel’s scholarly career: the writings of the Nag Hammadi library in general and the Gospel of Thomas in particular; Tatian’s Diatessaron and its influences; the Hermetica; Mani and Manichaeism; the Jewish origins of Gnosticism; and Gnosis and the future of Christianity. This volume also makes a number of his less known earlier publications (mainly presented under the heading ‘Catholica’) available to the international community.
Until shortly before he died, Professor Quispel remained active in his study of the Gospel of Thomas. He had been one of the first to acquire the Coptic text of the Gospel of Thomas, of which he published the first translation in 1959 and his final translation in 2005. He was also active in researching the Diatessaron, and Valentinus ‘the Gnostic’. One of his most recent essays – published for the first time in this volume – is on ‘the Muslim Jesus.’

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Johannes van Oort, Doctor in Theology at the University of Utrecht (1986), is Professor of Patristics and Gnosticism at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, and visiting professor of Patristics at the University of Pretoria.


Chapter 1. Christliche Gnosis, jüdische Gnosis, hermetische Gnosis
Chapter 2. Coptic Gnostic Writings
Chapter 3. The Demiurge in the Apocryphon of John
Chapter 4. A Diatessaron Reading in a Latin Manichaean Codex
Chapter 5. The Diatessaron in Iceland and Norway
Co-author: Andrea van Arkel-De Leeuw van Weenen
Chapter 6. The Diatessaron of Romanos
Chapter 7. A General Introduction to the Study of the Diatessaron of Tatian
Chapter 8. Genius and Spirit
Chapter 9. Gnosis als Erfahrung
Chapter 10. Gnosis and Culture
Chapter 11. Gnosticism
Chapter 12. The Gospel of Thomas Revisited
Chapter 13. The Gospel of Thomas and the Trial of Jesus :23 PM
Chapter 14. Das Hebräerevangelium im gnostischen Evangelium nach Maria
Chapter 15. Hermann Hesse and Gnosis
Chapter 16. Mani et la tradition évangélique des judéo-chrétiens
Chapter 17. Marcion and the Text of the New Testament
Chapter 18. Note sur “Basilide”
Chapter 19. Origen and the Valentinian Gnosis
Chapter 20. Saint Augustin et l’Évangile selon Thomas
Chapter 21. Some remarks on the Gospel of Thomas
Chapter 22. The Study of Encratism: A Historical Survey
Chapter 23 Valentinian Gnosis and the Apocryphon of John
Chapter 24. Valentinus and the Gnostikoi


Chapter 25. African Christianity before Minucius Felix and Tertullian
Chapter 26. Ezekiel 1,26 in Jewish Mysticism and Gnosis
Chapter 27. The Fourth Gospel and the Judaic Gospel Tradition
Chapter 28. Jewish Christian Gospel Tradition
Chapter 29. Jewish Gnosis and Mandaean Gnosticism. Some refl ections on the Writing Brontè
Chapter 30. A Jewish Source of Minucius Felix
Chapter 31. Judaism and Gnosis
Chapter 32. Jung and Pauli
Chapter 33. Meristae
Chapter 34. Plotinus and the Jewish Gnōstikoi
Chapter 35. The Muslim Jesus


Chapter 36. African Christianity before Tertullian
Chapter 37. Anima naturaliter christiana
Chapter 38. An Apocryphal Variant in Macarius
Chapter 39. Apocalyptics and Gnosis from Job to Jan van Eyck
Chapter 40. The Epistle to the Laodiceans: A Marcionite Forgery
Chapter 41. Eros and Agape in the Gospel of John
Chapter 42. L’Extase de Saint Paul
Chapter 43. God is Love
Chapter 44. Gregory of Nyssa and Mysticism
Chapter 45. The Holy Spirit According to the Early Church
Chapter 46. The Holy Spirit as Woman in Apocalypse 12
Chapter 47. Johannesevangelium und Gnosis
Chapter 48. Time and History in Catholic Christianity, especially Augustine
Chapter 49. Utrecht and the Conversion of Germany. Liudger and the Gospel of Thomas


Chapter 50. Gnosis and the Future of Christian Religion
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