The New Damascus Document

The Midrash on the Eschatological Torah of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Reconstruction, Translation and Commentary


This volume examines twelve ancient and medieval manuscripts, ten from the caves at Qumran and the two so called Damascus Documents from the Cairo Geniza, presenting a new organization and understanding of these texts. The twelve manuscripts are in a composite form under the title Midrash haTorah haAcharon (MTA), the Midrash of the Eschatological Torah, a title which opens a new window into the understanding of the Jewish literary tradition during the period of the Second Temple, prior to the development of the Talmud and Christianity. Following the composite Hebrew text are a full translation, notes and commentary elucidating the MTA in light of the new evidence provided by these texts and retranslation.

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Ben Zion Wacholder, Rabbi (1951) Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanan Theological Seminary; Ph.D. (1960) in Greek Classics and History, UCLA, is Professor Emeritus of Talmud and Rabbinics at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. He has published extensively on the Second Temple Period.
"Wacholder’s study is indispensable for future studies or editions dealing with the Damascus Document." - Gregory L. Doudna, Columbia College, Everett/Marysville
Novices, scholars and experts interested in the Second Temple Period, Qumran, the development of Judaism as well as early Christianity will find this work fascinting and essential.