The Worldly and Heavenly Wisdom of 4QInstruction


This volume is devoted to 4QInstruction, the last lengthy text of the Dead Sea Scrolls to be officially published. It is also the largest wisdom text of this corpus. The central concern of this study is how this composition should be understood in relation to the sapiential and apocalyptic traditions.
Features of 4QInstruction that are examined include its appeal to revelation, its presentation of poverty, and its eschatology. The document’s relationship to both 1 Enoch and the Dead Sea sect is also discussed. This study will prove useful to anyone interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the reception of the Jewish wisdom tradition in the Second Temple period, and apocalypticism.

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Matthew J. Goff, Ph.D. (2002) at the University of Chicago in Hebrew Bible, is Associate Professor of Religion at Florida State University. His research interests include the Dead Sea Scrolls, wisdom literature, and apocalypticism.