The Life of Adam and Eve in Greek

A Critical Edition


This volume contains the first critical edition of the Life of Adam and Eve in Greek, based on all available manuscripts. In the introduction the history of previous research is summarized, and the extant manuscripts are presented. Next comes a description of the grammatical characteristics of the manuscripts’ texts, followed by a detailed study of the genealogical relationships between them, resulting in a reconstruction of the writing’s history of transmission in Greek. On the basis of all this information, the Greek text of the Life of Adam and Eve in its earliest attainable stage, is established. The text edition is accompanied by a full critical apparatus, in which all relevant evidence from the manuscripts is recorded. Several indices complete this volume.

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Johannes Tromp, Ph.D. (1992), is Lecturer of Judaism in the Greco-Roman period at Leiden University.
' The fruit of several years of study, this critical edition is to be warmly welcomed…' G.J. Brooke, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 2005. ' Dem Autor der hier vorliegenden Textausgabe kann ich jedenfalls für seine Leistung nur meinem Respeckt aussprechen.' Tobias Nicklas, Theologische Revue, 2005.
Preface Introduction Chapter One. History of Research Chapter Two. The Manuscripts Chapter Three. Grammatical Notes --I. Phonology and Orthography --II. Morphology --III. Syntax Chapter Four. The History of Transmission Chapter Five. List of Conjectural Emendations A CRITICAL EDITION OF THE LIFE OF ADAM AND EVE IN GREEK Editorial Conventions and Abbreviations Concordances of the Manuscripts’ Sigla Text and apparatus criticus Appendix One. Revision of lines 107-124 Appendix Two. Addition of 29:7-13 rm Bibliography Indices