Inscribing South Asian Muslim Women

An Annotated Bibliogaphy & Research Guide


Author: Tahera Aftab

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Tahera Aftab, Ph.D. (1986) in History, University of Karachi, is Professor of History and Director of Women's Studies (rtd.) at the University of Karachi, Pakistan. She is the editor and publisher of Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies: Alam-e-Niswan.
"Part of the longstanding tradition of solid reference works to come out of Brill's Handbook of Oriental Studies series, Inscribing South Asian Muslim Women tackles the field head-on, striving for comprehensiveness in time (coverage ranges from the thirteenth century onward, with the majority of titles falling in the twentieth century) and in format (citations include journal artricles and monographs as well as individual chapters and unpublished manuscripts)." Mary Rader in Feminist Collections, 29.3-4 (2008), p. 43
All those interested in women's lives and their experiences, Islam in South Asia and Muslim women. It is extremely valuable for researchers, scholars, and students. An extremely useful addition for all acedemic libraries and research institutes.