Recent Research on the Late Antique Countryside


This book surveys a variety of themes relating to the late antique countryside. It covers social and economic life, the archaeology of pilgrimage and the fate of rural temples, villas, monasteries and landscape change. There is a special section on rural survey in Turkey, a region of the Roman empire for which our knowledge of the countryside is poor. A bibliographic essay, on the rural archaeology of the entire empire, provides an excellent introduction to the volume and to the subject as a whole. Essays range from Northern Gaul to Egypt and draw on many sources: from papyrology and epigraphy to field survey and paleobotany. A complex picture of differing regional trajectories emerges, whilst cultural change is everywhere apparent, in phenomena such as Christianisation, settlement nucleation and fortification. Contributors include Beat Brenk, Beatrice Caseau, Douglas Baird, Archie Dunn, Etienne Louis, Fabio Saggioro, John Mitchell, Joseph Patrich, Lynda Mulvin, Carla Sfameni, Marcus Rautman, Peter Sarris, Frank Trombley, Joanita Vroom and Marc Waelkens.

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Luke A. Lavan, Ph.D. (2001) in Archaeology, University of Nottingham is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara.

William Bowden, Ph.D. (2000) in Archaeology, University of East Anglia, is Packard Research Fellow in the School of World Art Studies at the University of East Anglia and a co-director of excavations at Butrint, Albania.

Carlos Machado is a doctoral student in Ancient History, Linacre College at Oxford University, funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Science (CNPQ). He is working on the political use of space in late antique Rome, and the appropriation of urban space by the aristocracy, the church and the imperial court.
List of Contributors
The Late Antique Countryside: An Introduction William Bowden and Luke Lavan

Part One: Bibliographic Essay
Archaeological Research on the Late Antique Countryside: A Bibliographic Essay Alexandra CHavarria& Tamara Lewit

Part Two: Economic and Social Life
Rehabilitating the Great Estate: Aristocratic Property and Economic Growth in the Late Antique East Peter Sarris
Epigraphic Data on Village Culture and Social Institutions: an Interregional Comparison (Syria, Phoenice Libanensis and Arabia) Frank R. Trombley

Part Three: Sacred Landscapes
The Fate of Rural Temples in Late Antiquity and the Christianisation of the Countryside Beatrice Caseau
The Archaeology of Pilgrimage in Late Antique Albania: The Basilica of the Forty Martyrs John Mitchell

Part Four: Recent Rural Survey in Turkey and Adjacent Regions
Valley and Village in Late Roman Cyprus Marcus Rautman
Settlement Expansion on the Konya Plain, Anatolia: 5th-7th Centuries A.D. Douglas Baird
Late Antiquity in the Territory of Sagalassos Hannelore Vanhaverbeke, Femke Martens, Marc Waelkens& Jeroen Poblome
Late Antique Pottery, Settlement and Trade in the East Mediterranean: A Preliminary Comparison of Ceramics from Limyra (Lycia) and Boeotia Joanita Vroom

Part Five: Villas in Late Antiquity
Residential Villas in Late Antique Italy: Continuity and Change Carla Sfameni
Late Roman Villas in Late Antique Italy: Continuity and Change Carla Sfameni
Late Roman Villa Plans: The Danube-Balkan Region Lynda Mulvin

Part Six: Rural Monasteries
Monastic Landscapes Joseph Patrich
Monasteries as Rural Settlements: Patron-dependence or Self-sufficiency? Beat Bank

Part Seven: Landscape Change from Gaul to the Balkans
A de-Romanised Landscape in Northen Gaul: The Scarpe Valley from the 4th to 9th Century AD Etienne Louis
Late Antique Settlement on the Plain of Verona Fabio Saggioro
Continuity and Change in the Macedonian Countryside, from Gallienus to Justian Archie Dunn

It will be up-to-date and essential reading for anyone studying late antique or early medieval archaeology and history and will interest also Roman and Byzantine archaeologists.
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