Papyrology and the History of Early Islamic Egypt


Tens of thousands of documents dating form the late Byzantine and early Islamic periods have been found in Egypt. These texts, written on papyrus and a variety of other materials, in Greek, Coptic Egyptian, and Arabic, offer a unique, but underutilized resource for the study of a society experiencing a profound transformation, this volume collects papers given at the conference “Documentary Evidence and the History of Early Islamic Egypt”, including editions of previously unpublished Greek, Coptic, and Arabic documents, historical and linguistic studies which make use of documentary evidence, a discussion of the importance of Arabic literary papyri, and an introduction to papyrology and its relevance for the study of this period of Egyptian history.

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Petra Sijpesteijn, Ph.D. (2004) in Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, holds a junior research fellowship at Christ Church, Oxford. She has published several editions of Arabic papyri and is currently working on a study of the agricultural history of early Islamic Egypt.
Lennart Sundelin is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. He has taught Islamic Studies and Middle Eastern history at St. Joseph's University (Philadelphia) and Dartmouth College.
All those interested in Egypt, papyrology, archaeology, Late Antiquity, Byzantine history, early Islamic history, Eastern Christianity, Greek, Coptic, the early development of Arabic language and literature, and contact linguistics.