Forest Products Statistical Information Systems of EU and EFTA


This book is the only in its kind to review the commodity coding, definitions and methodology applying to the collection of forest products production and trade statistics. The analysis – both qualitative as quantitative - contains valuable information for anybody who want to gain more insight in the methodology behind the figures. Recommendations are made for improving the data collection framework.
Special attention has been given to the comparability of commodity coding systems, comparability of terms and definitions at the national and international levels, conversion factors to convert volume and weight, double counting and the coverage of production and trade of tropical timber and its products.
This relates to the efforts of the ECE, FAO, EUROSTAT and ITTO who jointly collect such statistics from their member states, with the aim to streamlining the collection process and to reducing the burden for their statistical correspondents.
Data on commercial trade of all commodities, among which forest products, is also collected by UN – COMTRADE and Eurostat – COMEXT. The possible use of their data for reporting to the joint questionnaire is used.

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This title is of value and interest to everybody who uses forest products production, official statistics, tropical wood and trade statistics and wants to know more about the data collection methodology behind them in both academia and industry.

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