Manichaean Delirium

Decolonizing the Judiciary and Islamic Renewal in the Sudan, 1898-1985


The book investigates the Islamic renewal in Sudan as symptomatic of a larger postcolonial predicament. It investigates the dual judiciary, dubbed “Manichaean” by Fanon, whose laws have been at the center of this renewal. This colonial organization of the institution was characterized by a conflict between its dominant Civil Division and the subordinated Sharia Division. The book analyzes the political forces that converged since the independence of the country (1956) to profit from the resources of this dual judiciary.
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Biographical Note

Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim, Ph.D. (1987) in folklore and anthropology, Indiana University, is an Associate Professor of African History and Islam at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has published extensively, in both Arabic and English, on the culture history of Sudan including The Mahdi-Ulema Conflict (1968); Assaulting with Words: Popular Discourse and the Bridle of Shari’ah (1994); Culture and Democracy in Sudan (1994). He contributes a daily column to a-Sahafa, a leading paper in Sudan.


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