Gender, Kabbalah and the Reformation: The Mystical Theology of Guillaume Postel (1510-1581)



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Yvonne Petry, Ph.D. (1997) in History, University of Manitoba, is Professor of History at Luther College, University of Regina. She has recently contributed several chapters to a collaborative work entitled Webs of Reality: Social Perspectives on Science and Religion (Rutgers, 2002).
'This book is readable and interesting, and the author should be congratulated for pursuing this difficult study. It will also make scholars more aware of Postel's importance to Renaissance studies.'
Marion Leathers Kuntz, Renaissance Quarterly, 2005.
'Guillaume Postel has generally been regarded as a marginal figure in sixteenth-century Europe. Though he possessed immense erudition, he was derided by his contemporaries, chiefly because of his consuming interest in the Kabbalah. This books seeks to understand this enigmatic individual by placing him within the context of the Renaissance and the Reformation...Yvonne Petry succeeds admirably in her declared aim of attempting "to fill in some of the neglected areas of Postel scholarship." Her monograph is a significant contribution to learning and a welcome addition to Studies in Medieval and Reformation Thought. It will be appreciated by historians and theologians alike.'
Gareth Lloyd Jones, Ecclesiastical History, 2005.


1. History, Prophecy and Mysticism
2. The Formation of Postel’s Theology
3. Postel on Gender, Politics and the French Monarchy
4. Postel and Renaissance Kabbalah
5. Mother Joanna, Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary
6. Body, Soul and the Sacraments
7. Postel and the Querelle des Femmes
8. Gender and the Reformation


All those interested in early modern religious and intellectual history, especially those with interests in Renaissance Kabbalah, Reformation theology and the study of gender in the early modern period.
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