The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, Volume 11 (2000-2001)

Editor: Camille Mansour
This well-established and widely-respected Yearbook, is a primary source of information on significant and topical legal issues relating to the Palestinian territories. It provides, in a single annual volume, not only leading articles on topics of major interest to the international legal community, but also key legislation, court decisions, legal cases, treaties, reslolutions, special reports, and other relevant legal material translated from the original Arabic or Hebrew into English. The 11th volume of The Palestine Yearbook of International Law is devoted specifically to the question of Palestine refugees and includes:
- a comparison of the international legal framework designed to protect refugees with the framework already established for the protection of Palestinian Refugees,
- an examination of the various pieces of legislation enacted to 'legally' confiscate Palestinian lands,
- raising the question as to how the plight of Palestinian refugees may be addressed in the international legal system,
- legal precedents regarding refugees, includiing the Dayton accord and UN Resolutions,
-various agreements signed over the course of the past year,
- a detailed bibliography of books, monographs and articles,
- a comprehensive index.

This new volume, as with its predecessors, will be an invaluable source of reference and record on the complex legal issues relating to the Palestinian territories, and will be of prime interest to legal practitioners, researchers, scholars and anyone involved in law, politics, human rights or international relations who has an interest in this region.

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Publication in Co-operation with Institute of Law, Birzeit University
Introduction Articles. Recommendations for Durable Solutions for Palestinian Refugees: A Challenge to the Oslo Framework; S. Akram, T. Rempel. `Absentees' Property' Laws and Israel's Confiscation of Palestinian Property: A Violation of U.N. General Assembly Resolution 194 and International Law; G.J. Boling. Who Speaks For The Palestinian Refugees? J. Quigley. Compensation for Palestinian Refugees: An International Law Perspective; M. Lynk. Monographs. Foreword to Amicus Brief on the Status of Palestinian Refugees Under International Refugee Law; G. Goodwin-Gill, S. Akram. Law Reports. Judicial Decision. Israel: The General Security Service Torture Case: The Supreme Court of Israel sitting as the High Court of Justice. Legislation. I: Palestinian Law. 1. Law No. (1) of 2000 on Charitable Associations and Civil Society Organization. 2. Law No. (3) of 1999 on Regulating Legal Practice. II: Israeli Law. The Law to Deny the Right of Return of January 2001. International Legal Documents. 1. Fundamental Agreement Between The Holy See and The State of Israel, December 19, 1993. 2. Agreement Between the State of Israel And The Holy See, November 10, 1997. 3. Basic Agreement Between The Holy See And The Palestine Liberation Organization, February 15, 2000. 4. Dayton Peace Accords, Annex 7: Agreement on Refugees and Displaced Persons, December 14, 1995. 5. The Sharm el Sheikh Memorandum on Implementation Timeline of Outstanding Commitments of Agreements Signed and the Resumption of Permanent Status Negotiations, between Israel and The Palestine Liberation Organization, September 4, 1999. 6. Protocol Concerning Safe Passage Between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Between Israel and The Palestine Liberation Organization, October 5, 1999. 7. Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories, by the Secretary-General, September 11, 2000. 8. Letter from the Secretary-General to the President of the Security Council Concerning Israel's Withdrawal from Lebanon, April 17, 2000. 9. Draft of Private Response to the Palestinian Refugee Paper, presented by the Israeli delegation to the Palestinian negotiators in Taba, January 23, 2001. Selected United Nations Documents on Refugees. A. 194 (III)l Palestine–Progress Report of the United Nations Mediator. B. 302 (IV). Assistance to Palestine Refugees. C. 36/146. United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in The Near East. Book Reviews. 1. How Israel Was Won: A Concise History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict; T. Baylis. 2. The Israel/Palestine Question; I. Pappé. 3. The Land Law of Palestine; F.M. Goadby, M.J. Doukhan. 4. Actualités de l'Etat palestinien; A. Gresh, D. Billion. 5. New Political Entities in Public and Private International Law: With Special Reference to the Palestinian Entity; A. Shapira, T. Tabory. Bibliography. 1. Books. 2. Articles.