Finnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 11 (2000)


Despite its Finnish innitiative and pedigrees, the Finnish Yearbook of International Law does not restrict itself to purely 'Finnish' topics. On the contrary, it reflects the many connections in law between the national and the international. The Finnish Yearbook of International Law annually publishes articles of high quality dealing with all aspects of international law, including international law aspects of European law, with close attention to developments that affect Finland. Its offering include: longer articles of a theoretical nature, exploring new avenues and approaches; shorter polemics; commentaries on current international law developments; book reviews; and documentation of relevance to Finland's foreign relations not easily available elsewhere. The Finnish Yearbook offers a fertile ground for the expression of and reflection on the connections between Finnish law and international law as a whole and insight into the richness of this interaction.

This volume also includes a consolidated index for volumes I-X

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Articles. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union; P. Nikula Charter of Fundamental Rights: Competition or Consistency of Human Rights Protection in Europe?; D. Thym All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go: The Debate on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights; P. Leino. Les clauses relatives aux droits de l'homme dans les relations externes de la Communauté européenne; M. Karvinen. Quo Vadis Europa? A Query Concerning the Moral Underpinnings of the Western Civilization à propos the Fiftieth Anniversary of Human Rights Rhetoric; J.-P. Rentto. Medical Research on Children in Europe for or against Human Rights?; S. Lötjönen. Six Theses on the End(s) of Human Rights; C. Douzinas. The Politics of Human Rights: a Case Study of the 57th Session of the Commission on Human Rights; C.U. Gwam. Globalization, Order and the Rule of Law; N. Tsagourias. The Conflict between Chechnya and Russia Seen in the Light of Russian Constitutional Law; S. Nystén-Haarala. Evaluating Self-Determination of Indiginous People through Political Processes and Territorial Rights: the Status of the Nordic Saami from an Australian Perspective; B.A. Hocking. International Law and the Expropriation of Natural Resources; T. Kuokkanen. State Responsibility: A Green View; A. Mouri. Book Reviews & Review Articles. Recent Developments and State Practice. The Russian-Speaking and Ethnic Russian Minority in Finland in the Light of Finland's International Obligations. Elements of Finnish Practice 2000; L. Hannikainen. Index to First Ten Volumes of the Yearbook. General Information for Authors. Ius Gentium Association.
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