African Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire Africain de droit international, Volume 10 (2002)


The African Yearbook of International Law provides an intellectual forum for the systematic analysis and scientific dissection of issues of international law as they apply to Africa, as well as Africa’s contribution to the progressive development of international law. It contributes to the promotion, acceptance of and respect for the principles of international law, as well as to the encouragement of the teaching, study, dissemination and wider appreciation of international law in Africa. A clear articulation of Africa’s views on the various aspects of international law based on the present realities of the continent as well as on Africa’s civilization, culture, philosophy and history will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding among nations.
The African Yearbook of International Law plays an important role in examining the tensions underlying the State in Africa, and by shedding more light on the causes of the fragility of African state institutions so as to facilitate the identification of appropriate remedies. The tension and interrelationships among issues such as territorial integrity, self determination, ethnic diversity and nation-building are constantly addressed. Development, human rights and democratization in Africa are also subject of continuous attention and examination.
Editorial, Looking Forward: The Tenth Anniversary of the Yearbook, Abdulqawi A. Yusuf ,
General Articles/ Articles Généraux,
The Ghost of Berlin Still Haunts Africa! The ICJ Judgment on the Land and Maritime Boundary Dispute Between Cameroon and Nigeria, Nsongurua J. Udombana,
The Interplay Between Environmental Protection and Human and Peoples’ Rights in International Law, Federico Lenzerini,
Diversion of International Watercourses Under International Law, Mohamed S. Amr,
The Interplay Between the Right to Development and the Protection of the Environment: Patterns and Instruments to Achieve Sustainable Development in Practice, Massimiliano Montini,
The Protection of Copyrights and Related Rights in Africa: Challenges to Protection in the Internet Age, Robin Ramcharan & Mpazi Sinjela,
Etude sur l’occupation et sur l’Article 47 de la IVème Convention de Genève du 12 août 1949 relative à la protection des personnes civiles en temps de guerre : le degré d’intangibilité des droits en territoire occupé, Robert Kolb,
La liberté d’aller et venir dans la sous-région du Golfe de Guinée, Léopold Donfack Sokeng,
La Déclaration de l’Organisation internationale du Travail du 18 juin 1998 relative aux principes et droits fondamentaux au travail : une technique juridique singulière de relance des conventions fondamentales, Mouloud Boumghar,
Notes and Comments/ Notes et Commentaires,
The Cairo-Arusha Principles on Universal Jurisdiction in Respect of Gross Human Rights Offences: Developing the Frontiers of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction, Edward Kwakwa,
Quelques réflexions sur la communauté internationale, Robert Kolb,
Chronique des activités de la Cour internationale de Justice en 2001, Ludivine Tamiotti,
Chronique de la jurisprudence du Tribunal pénal international pour le Rwanda (1995-2002), Roland Adjovi & Florent Mazeron, ,
Book Reviews/ Notes de Lecture,
Recueil juridique des droits de l’homme en Afrique – 1996-2000 recensé par Mouloud Boumghar,
The World Court Reference Guide – Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders of the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Court of Justice (1922-2000) reviewed by Fatsah Ouguergouz,
Basic Documents/ Documents,
OAU: Declarations and Decisions Adopted by the Thirty-Eighth Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government,
AU: Declarations and Decisions Adopted by the First Ordinary Session of Assembly of Heads of State and Government,
Protocol relating to the Establishment of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union,
The Statute of the African Foundation for International Law,
Analytical Index,
Index Analytique,
Index of Volumes 1 (1993) to 10 (2002),
Authors Index for Volumes 1 (1993) to 10 (2002).
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