Geschichte des Hethitischen Reiches


The Anatolian people of the Hittites (ca. 1700-1200 B.C.) are the subject of the underlying work. In recent decades scholars have increased our knowledge in the field enormously without bringing the new insights together in a new comprehensive handbook. This long-awaited handbook deals with the whole of the influential political history of the Hittite Empire.
After an introduction on the natural conditions of Anatolia, chapters follow on the Hittite history of the early period, the old kingdom of the Hittites, the 'middle' kingdom and, extensively, the new kingdom or empire period.
The book is organized chronologically, and each chapter starts with a section on the sources and secondary literature, followed by the actual text on the subsequent periods.
In a separate chapter Professor Fiorella Imparati offers a survey on the political structure of the Hittite Kingdom and its foreign policy.
Chronological tables, a bibliography arranged by the subsequent periods, a section on problems, and several illustrations conclude this important volume.
Given the tremendous amount of material and its lucid organisation this will be one of the few reference works on the Hittites for years to come.


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Biographical Note

Horst Klengel, Ph.D. (1958) in ancient Oriental history and Assyriology, has published extensively on Hittite, Syrian and Old Babylonian history. He has edited several volumes with Akkadian and Hittite texts and was teaching at the Humboldt-University and the Free University of Berlin.

Review Quotes

' [Klengel's] presentation of the state of our knowledge of Hittite history at the colse of the twentieth century will doubtlessly constitute the foundation upon which scholars for the foreseeable future will base further research. Historians of the ancient Near East are all indebted to Professor Klengel and his associates.'
Gary Beckman, Journal of American Oriental Society, 2000.


The book is addressed not only to specialists in Hittite history and philology, but is also intended for readers interested in Ancient Near Eastern or Mediterranean history in general. It aims to open an easy access to the epigraphic sources at present available for the rulers of the Hittite kingdom and to the major events of Hittite history.


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