International Law in Theory and Practice


This wide ranging series provides expert insights into the most fundamental aspects of public international law, and has for many years, made a major contribution to the international debate on legal issues affecting the world community.

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'...Schachter distills the normative essence of international law. He defends normativity in the best possible fashion, by demonstrating the existence of norms that he captures, catalogs, analyzes, criticizes and projects in a most engaging fashion. His treatise deduces a teleology that gives purpose and design to what would otherwise be a jumble of random data. It examines and evaluates the sources of international normativity and demonstrates that the norms are not only alive, but growing and expanding.'
Thomas M. Franck reviewing the Hague lectures upon which this book is based (AJIL, 1987 vol. 3 p. 766).

Winner of the ASIL Certificate of Merit 1992.
I. The Nature and Reality of International Law. II.Policies, Purposes and Rules in a Divided World. III. The Quest for Objectivity: Sources, Scholars and Judges. IV. General Principles and Equity. V. The International Lex Scripta. VI. Resolutions and Political Texts. VII. The Prohibition of Force. VIII. The Use of Force in Self-defense. IX. Peaceful Means of Redress: Self-help and Counter-Measures. X. International Remedies. XI. Enforcement. XII. The Jurisdiction of States. XIII. The New Law of the Sea. XIV. Sovereign Rights and International Business. XV. International Human Rights. XVI. Protecting the Environment. XVII. Collective Security Redux. Notes. Bibliography. Index.
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