The Changing Political Structure of Europe

Aspects of International Law

Following profound modifications of Soviet ideology after the coming to power of Gorbachev, Europe experienced an unprecedented time of change which resulted, inter alia, in the unification of the two German States, the abolition of socialist international organizations, the obsolescence of neutrality policies in the New Europe and the pull on the European Communities to admit new members. These revolutionary events give rise to interesting legal questions. Since international relations are changing, the legal framework in which these relations are set has to change, too. In December 1990, international legal aspects of the changes in the political structure of Europe were discussed at a conference held in Amsterdam. In this book, which takes account of the outcomes of the discussions, the international legal framework in which these changes take place and their consequences are described and analyzed by eminent scholars from East and West.
Europe: Divided We Stand.
Part One: The Changing Soviet Ideology.
The New Approach to the Law of Peaceful Coexistence. Comments; S. Vinogradov.
Reflections on the Future International Legal Problems of the USSR.
Part Two: Self-Determination, Territorial Integrity and Inviolability of Boundaries.
The Principle of the Inviolability of European Boundaries. Comments; W. Czaplinski.
The Legal Status of the Polish Boundaries. Comments; W. Czaplinski.
Part Three: The Protection of Minorities.
Collective Rights of Minorities in Europe. Comments; H.-J. Uibopuu.
The Legal Status of Minorities in South-Eastern Europe.
Part Four: Towards a United or a Divided Europe.
Integrating and Disintegrating Forces in Europe: Changes in National and International Structures. Comment; T.M. Franck.
Legal Aspects of the Unification of the Two German States.
Part Five: The Legal Framework for International Cooperation.
The Legal Framework for Economic Cooperation in Europe: The Relations Between the European Community and Eastern Europe.
The Legal Framework for Political Cooperation in Europe.
The Legal Framework for Military Security Cooperation in Europe.
International Cooperation in Respect of the Baltic Sea.