The Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes in Europe: Future Prospects

Workshop 1990 / Colloque 1990


Any dreams that Europe had at last become too mature a society of states for the continent to be afficted by bloody international disputes have been shattered in recent months. This unique book examines both the sources of disputes -- the delimination of boundaries, ethnic differences, human rights violations, environmental damage, drug control, etc. -- and the most appropriate methods for settling them. The examination is thorough and detailed, and the result is a substantial work, authored by leading authorities, many of whom have played major roles in devising and operating dispute settlement procedures.
This bilingual (English and French) volume is destined to become an important vade-mecum for diplomats and officials, and a reference work of permanent significance for students, academics and all those interested in international law and relations.

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Présentation/Presentation. Ouverture du colloque/Opening of the Workshop. Introduction du sujet/Introduction of the Subject. Première partie: Les différends susceptibles de mettre en cause les Etats européens/First Part: The Disputes likely to Arise Involving European States. Deuxième partie: Les modes de règlement des différends les mieux adaptés à l'Europe/Second Part: The Most Appropriate Methods of Settling Disputes in Europe. Troisième partie: La conférence sur la sécurité et la coopération en Europe/Third Part: The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Conclusions: 1. L'Europe planétaire. 2. Closing remarks. Clôture du colloque/Closing of the Workshop.
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