Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, Volume 21

Cumulative Index, Volumes 1-20


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Articles: Specific Problems of Minorities.
Syria: a Case of Minority Might: I. Rabinovich.
The Rights of the German Speaking Population of the South Tyrol; O. Triffterer.
Minority Protection in Hungary - Hungarian Minorities Abroad; L. Valki.
Nationalities and Minorities in the Yugoslav Federation; V. Dimitrijevic.
Protection of the Aborigines in Australia: Law and Practice; C. Shachor-Landau.
General Problems of Rights of Minorites:
Surviving in Babel? Language Rights and European Integration; B. de Witte.
A Tribe is a Tribe is a Tribe - on Changing Social Science Concepts and Emerging Human Rights; L. Shaskolsky-Sheleff.
Minorities and Terrorism: some Legal and Strategic Perspectives; Y. Alexander.
Book Review:
`International Law and the Rights of Minorities' by Patrick Thornberry; Y. Dinstein.
Index to Volumes I-XX; prepared by Fania Domb.
I. International Cases.
II. Selected National Cases.
III. Judgments of the Supreme Court of Israel.
IV. Table of Treaties.
V. Principal International Documents.
VI. Israeli Legislation.
VII. Name Index.
VIII. Subject Index.