Bibliography on International Peacekeeping

Author: Gunnar Fermann
The growing importance of Peacekeeping Operations calls for an instrument which provides easy access to the literature on this topic. Bibliography on International Peacekeeping fills the gap as it is the first up to date comprehensive bibliography on peacekeeping. It covers the academic literature from books, reports and journals. Contributions in languages other than English are also represented. A supervisory introduction, and an author and subject index are included.
Bibliography on International Peacekeeping will be of interest to academics, civil servants, the military and practitioners.

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Abbreviations. Foreword; Major General Bjørn Egge. Introduction. Aim, Scope and Organizing Principles. 1. General. 2. Theoretical and Conceptual. 3. Case Studies: Comparative. 4. Case Studies: Comprehensive. 5. Brief Reviews of Several Operations, Conflicts, Missions or Institutions. 6. Brief Reviews of Single Operations, Conflicts, Missions or Institutions. 7. Case Studies: Judicial and Institutional Emphasis. 8. Case Studies: Financial Emphasis. 9. Case Studies: Military Emphasis. 10. Case Studies: Political Emphasis. 11. Biographies and Memoirs. 12. Book Reviews. 13. Documentary Collections. 14. Bibliographies. Subject Index. General Index. Journals and Yearbooks.