Recueil des cours, Collected Courses, Tome/Volume 219 (1989)


The Academy is an institution for the study and teaching of public and private international law and related subjects. Its purpose is to encourage a thorough and impartial examination of the problems arising from international relations in the field of law. The courses deal with the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, including legislation and case law.
All courses at the Academy are, in principle, published in the language in which they were delivered in the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law.
This volume contains: - Règles générales du droit des cours d'eau internationaux, par L. CAFLISCH, professeur à l'Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales de Genève. - Politics, Law and Force in the Interstate System by G. TUNKIN, Professor at the University of Moscow.

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Table des matières: L. Caflisch
I: Présentation et racines historiques du sujet. II: Assise théorique du droit des cours d'eau internationaux. III: Les frontières interétatiques se rattachant aux cours d'eau internationaux. IV: La liberté de navigation. V: L'utilisation des cours d'eau internationaux à des fins autres que la navigation VI: Protection et préservation de l'environnement. VII: Coopération, gestion mixte, enquête et règlement pacifique des différends. VIII: Conclusion générale. Bibliographie sélectionnée.

Table of contents: G. Tunkin
I: The present day interstate system. II: International politics and the creation of norms of international law. III: International law and politics. IV: International law and force. V: Non-legal norms in the interstate system. VI: Increasing regulatory capacity of the interstate system. VII: Some thoughts about the future of the interstate system.
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