International Economic Organizations in the International Legal Process


Voitovich presents a clear and lucid discussion of the manner and form in which international economic organizations (IEOs) participate in two main stages of the international legal process: law making and law implementation. The book is based on normative instruments and fragments of practice of about fifty IEOs. In order to ensure a proper and timely realization of their normative acts, IEOs exercise a number of law implementing functions which are subject to a thorough comparative examination. The author concludes that existing IEOs, not being ideal institutional models, possess a sufficient arsenal of law implementing instruments to make a considerable impact on the international legal regulations in the economic field. The book will be of interest to academics and economic political scientists.

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List of Abbreviations. Preface. First Part: International Economic Law and International Economic Organizations. I. International Legal Regulation in the Economic Field: General Features. II. The Concept and Typology of International Economic Organizations as Special Subjects of International Law. Second Part: International Economic Organizations in International Law-Making. III. International Agreements with the Participation of International Economic Organizations. IV. Multilateral Convention-Making under the Auspices of International Economic Organizations. V. Normative Acts of International Economic Organizations in International Law-Making. Third Part: The Law-Implementing Functions of International Economic Organizations. VI. Interpretation and Subsequent Rule-Making. VII. Supervisory and Norm-Executing Functions of IEOs. VIII. Dispute Resolution. IX. Sanctions. Fourth Part: Conclusions. List of Cases. List of Treaties. List of Selected Documents. Bibliography. Index.