Hugo Grotius – Theologian

Essays in Honour of G.H.M. Posthumus Meyjes


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This volume contains the proceedings of a conference “Hugo Grotius as a Theologian” (1992), held at the occasion of the retirement of professor Guillaume H.M. Posthumus Meyjes, the editor of Grotius' Meletius. Containing thirteen lectures, it is divided into three sections. In the first all Grotius' main theological works are discussed. The second section presents studies of Grotius' relationship to Erasmus, his polemics with André Rivet, his views on scholarly and religious developments in contemporary France, and his opinions on Jews and Judaism. Four lectures on the reception of Grotius' theological thought in the 17th and 18th centuries in Great Britain, Switzerland and the Netherlands, constitute the third section. In the appendix, a bibliography on the theme 'Grotius as a theologian' is provided.

Publications by G.H.M. Posthumus Meyjes:
Geschiedenis van het Waalse College te Leiden, 1606-1699, ISBN: 978 90 04 06669 4 (Out of print)
Jean Gerson et l'Assemblée de Vincennes (1329): Ses conceptions de la juridiction temporelle de l'Église, ISBN: 978 90 04 05740 1
Hugo Grotius – Meletius, sive de iis quae inter Christianos conveniunt epistola. Critical Edition with Translation, Commentary and Introduction, ISBN: 978 90 04 08356 1
• Edited by C. Berkvens-Stevelinck, J. Israel and G.H.M. Posthumus Meyjes, Emergence of Tolerance in the Dutch Republic, ISBN: 978 90 04 10768 7
• G.H.M. Posthumus Meyjes. Translated by J.C. Grayson, Jean Gerson - Apostle of Unity: His Church Politics and Ecclesiology, ISBN: 978 90 04 11296 4

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Henk J.M. Nellen (1949), Ph.D. (1980) in history, Catholic University of Nijmegen, is head of the Grotius Department of the Constantijn Huygens Institute. He is co-editor of Grotius' correspondence and author of, i.a. a biography of Hugo Grotius.
Edwin Rabbie (1957), Ph.D. (1986) in classics, University of Amsterdam, is fellow of the Grotius Department of the Constantijn Huygens Institute. He is editor of Grotius' Latin poetry and of his theological works.
'All who admire the Dutch Dioscuri Erasmus and Grotius will obtain and read this magnificent Festschrift. The bibliography alone, complete for the period 1840-1993 in six out of the thirtheen subsections, would justify the expense.'
J.L. North, Society for Old Testament Study, 1995.
'...this is a model festschrift. It focuses admirably on its theme, and each individual essay contributes something worthwile. It is a fitting tribute to a fine scholar.'
Scott Mandelbrote, Dutch Review of Church History. 1995
L'intérêt d'un tel volume qui donne une image fidèle de l'état de la recherche actuelle sur Grotius théologien nous parait pouvoir aussi susciter d'autres pistes de recherche sur une oeuvre dont l'inactualité apologétique ne saurait faire oublier la subtilité et la richesse théologique ainsi que son actualité au regard de bien des dogmatismes contemporains.'
Jacqueline Lagrée, Archives de Philosophie, 1995.
Part I: Individual Works.
Guillaume H.M. Posthumus Meyjes, 'Some Remarks on Grotius' Excerpta Theologica, Especially Concerning his Meletius.'
Harm-Jan van Dam, 'De Imperio Summarum Protestatum circa Sacra.'
Jan Paul Heering, 'Hugo Grotius' De veritate Religionis Christianae.'
François Laplanche, 'Grotius et les religions du paganisme dans les Annotationes in Vetus Testamentum.'
Henk Jan de Jonge, 'Grotius' View of the Gospels and the Evangelists.'
Part II: Grotius' Theology and Contemporary Thought.
Johannes Trapman, 'Grotius and Erasmus.'
Edwin Rabbie, 'Grotius and Judaism.'
Henk J.M. Nellen, 'Disputando inclarescet veritas: Grotius as a Publicist in France.'
Hans Bots, 'Hugo Grotius et André Rivet: Deux lumières opposées, deux vocations contradictoires.'
Part III: The Influence of Grotius' Theological Thought.
James K. Cameron, 'Some Aspects of the Scottish Contribution to Apocalypticism in the Seventeenth Century and the Reaction to Grotius.'
Johannes van den Berg, 'Grotius' Views on Antichrist and Apocalyptic Thought in England.'
Olivier Fatio, 'Grotius remplaça-t-il Calvin à Genève?'
Ernestine van der Wall, 'Grotius and Coccejan Prophetic Theology.'
All those interested in Hugo Grotius' life and works, 17th century intellectual history, the history of the Church and theology, and legal history in general.
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