International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Instalment 10


Vol. II: The Legal Systems of the World
– Their Comparison and
Chief Editor René David
1 David, René / Sawer, Geoffrey / Szabo,
Imre / Afchar, Hassan / Derrett, J.
Duncan M. / Iyer, T.K.
Krishnamurthy / Noda, Yosiyuki /
M’Baye, Kéba
The Different Conceptions of the Law.
1976. 160 p.

Vol. VI: Property and Trust.
Chief Editor Athanassios N.
2 Beekhuis, Jacob H. / Lawson,
Frederick H. / Knapp, Viktor /
Bentsi-Enchill, Kwamena / Anderson,
J. Norman D. / Derrett, J. Duncan M. /
Smith, T.B. / Lawson, Frederick H.
Structural Variations in Property Law.
1976. 143 p.

Vol. XV: Labour Law.
Chief Editor Bob A. Hepple
9 Fleming, John G.
Tort Liability for Work Injury.
1976. 59 p.

Vol. XVII: State and Economy.
Chief Editors Richard Buxbaum and
Ferenc Mádl
20 Silard, Stephen A.
Money and Foreign Exchange. 1976.
155 p.
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