The Fortress of Faith

The Attitude towards Muslims in Fifteenth Century Spain


This volume deals with the creation of a new image of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century. It uses as point of departure several treatises on Islam written around 1450.
The first chapters examine the historical background, the authors' biographies and the styles they chose to approach different audiences. As for the contents of the treatises, subjects included are Islamic doctrine as known by Christian theologians; controversy as a way to achieve pacific conversion and social habits leading to the acculturation of Islamic communities.
The interpretation of these sources shows a new view of the interaction between Islam and Christianity, which favoured the conquest of Granada - the last piece of land under Muslim power in the Peninsula - and the obstruction of Turkish advance in Europe.
Ana Echevarria, Ph.D. (1995) in History, University of Edinburgh, is a free-lance historian. She has published several articles on cross-cultural relations between Islam and Christianity in the Iberian Peninsula.
'...well-structured study...It is an accessible book, suitable for any reader interested in medieval Christian writings on Islam.'
Leyla Rouhi, Religious Studies Review, 1999.
All those interested in intellectual history, cross-cultural relations between Islam and Christianity, the Medieval Iberian Peninsula, the Crusades, the history of the Church as well as Medieval manuscripts and sources.
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