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Zur Theologie- und Kulturgeschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts
Das Hofbauerbild im Wandel • Die 'Deutschen' in der Sicht der italienischen Mediävistik des 19. Jh • Seherinnen und Stigmatisierte • Der Ort der 'Christlichen Mystik' im Gesamtwerk von Görres und im Denken seiner Zeit • Bolzanisten und Güntherianer in Wien 1848-1852 • Döllinger, Rom und Italien • Zur Veröffentlichung der Konzilstagebücher Vincenzo Tizzanissen • Zur Bezugnahme auf die 'deutsche Wirtschaft' in Italien im 19. Jh. • Der Katholische Modernismus • Das wechselvolle Geschick des Alfred Loisy in Deutschland • Tendenzen im deutschen Kulturkatholizismus um 1900 • Die 'Katholische Ideenwelt' in der Weimarer Republik: Objektivität, Ganzheit, Gemeinschaft • Ultramontanismus als 'Lebensforschungsprojekt'
Editors: Marcel Sarot and W. Stoker
Studies in Theology and Religion,10

In this volume, fourteen philosophers of religion reflect on religious views of the good life. Some authors focus on positive religion and its specific religious representations of the good life, while others abstract from these and focus on philosophical religion and its conceptual articulations of the good life. The tension between positive religion and philosophical religion, between representation and concept, is itself also analyzed.

This volume is a result of the co-operation of the philosophers of religion who are senior members of the Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion NOSTER.

Religion and the Good Life

Religion and the Good Life: Introduction - Marcel Sarot (Utrecht) and Wessel Stoker (Amsterdam)


The Tension between Representation and Concept as a Challenge for Philosophy of Religion - Peter Jonkers (Utrecht)
Beyond Representation and Concept: The Language of Testimony - R.D.N. van Riessen (Kampen)

Seduction and Guidance: Some Remarks on the Ambiguities of Reason and Reflective Thought in Connection with Religion and
the Good Life - W. Dupré (Nijmegen)

The Good Life is Historical - Ben Vedder (Nijmegen)

The Quality of Life: Comic Vision in Charles Dickens and Iris Murdoch - Henry Jansen (Amsterdam)

Narrative, Atonement, and the Christian Conception of the Good Life - Gijsbert van den Brink (Leyden)

Myths and the Good Life: Ricoeur’s Hermeneutical Approach to Myth - Wessel Stoker (Amsterdam)

Bhajans and their Symbols: Religious Hermeneutics of “the Good Life” - Hendrik M. Vroom (Amsterdam)


Models of the Good Life - Marcel Sarot (Utrecht)

The Highest Good and the Kingdom of God in the Philosophy of Kant: A Moral Concept and a Religious Metaphor of the Good Life - Donald Loose (Tilburg-Rotterdam)

Jacques Derrida and Messianity - Victor Kal (Amsterdam)

Skepticism and the Meaning of Life - Michael Scott (Manchester)

Ultimate Happiness and the Love of God - Vincent Brümmer (Utrecht)

Human Being and the Natural Desire for God: Reflections on the Natural and the Supernatural - Eef Dekker (Utrecht)
A major intellectual resource.
Jaroslav Pelikan, from the foreword.

The multiple award-winning Encyclopedia of Christianity (EC), copublished by Brill and Eerdmans, is a monumental five-volume work presenting the history and current state of the Christian faith in its rich spiritual and theological diversity around the world.

Volume 1 (A-D) contains 465 articles featuring
- articles on all but the smallest countries of the world, including the former communist nations that have gained independence since 1989;
- the latest statistical information from David B. Barrett on the religious affiliation and ecclesiastical breakdown of each country and continent;
- articles on doctrines, denominations, and social and ethical issues in relation to the churches;
- biographical articles on prominent figures through church history.

The Encyclopedia of Christianity is also available online
Vom Konzil von Nizäa (325) bis zum vierten Konzil von Konstantinopel (869-70)
Editor: Josef Wohlmuth