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Los Rollos del Mar Muerto

Una Historia Breve

Weston Fields

Who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls? When and where were they discovered? How were they saved? Who has them now? Will more be discovered? Have all the scrolls been published? Are some still hidden away? Were there conspiracies to suppress some scrolls? How do the scrolls affect Christianity and Judaism? How similar are the biblical scrolls to our Bible today? These and other questions are answered in The Dead Sea Scrolls. A Short History, which offers information from exclusive interviews and unpublished archives.

This is a Spanish translation of The Dead Sea Scrolls. A Short History.

Los carábidos de Navarra, España/The Carabid Beetles of Navarra, Spain (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Descripción, bionomía, distribución geográfica y clasificacíon


Herrera and Arricibita

Within the context of the fauna of Spain, this book is the first monograph about the Carabid Coleoptera of a singularly interesting region: Navarra. The book includes a brief description of the physical area, picturing the great climatic contrasts together with the large botanical diversity. There are Boreoalpine, Eurosyberian, Eurasian, Euroatlantic, Euromediterranean, and North-African elements to be found among the rich, very interesting, 266 species of fauna.
A second part refers to the present level of knowledge about the carabid beetles in spain. The core of the book is devoted to the species description, captures, bionomy, and geographic distribution. This part includes keys to the subfamilies, genera and species.
The excellent drawings, the cartography with precise U.T.M. coordinates and the potential distribution for the Western Palaearctic Region; and the large number of literature references, make this book an indispensable volume.

Muntaner, Ferreri and Martínez-Vilalta

La Vegetació dels Països Catalans

Illustracions E. Sierra i Ràfols i J. Nuet i Badia. Pròleg d'O. de Bolòs

Folch i Guillèn

Geografia física dels Països Catalans

Principat de Catalunya, País Valencià, Illes Balears

Riba i Arderiu

El compromiso en la poesía española del siglo XX

Parte segunda [de la Generación]


J. Lechner

Foraminíferos ibéricos

Introducción al estudio de las especies bentónicas recientes