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Charismatic Practice and Catholic Parish Life

The Incipient Pentecostalization of the Church in Guatemala and Latin America


Jakob Egeris Thorsen

In Charismatic Practice and Catholic Parish Life - the Incipient Pentecostalization of the Church in Guatemala and Latin America, Jakob Egeris Thorsen offers a detailed ethnographic and theological analysis of the impact of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on the Catholic Church in the region. Based on fieldwork, this interdisciplinary study examines how Charismatic practice and spirituality permeate both local parish life and the pastoral plans of the Catholic Church in Guatemala and Latin America.

The Charismatic Renewal is the largest lay movement in Latin America and has a profound influence on the Catholic Church. This book analyses both the social and ecclesiological consequences of an incipient Pentecostalization of Guatemalan and Latin American Catholicism.

Development and Equity

An Interdisciplinary Exploration by Ten Scholars from Africa, Asia and Latin America

Edited by Dick Foeken, Ton Dietz, Leo de Haan and Linda Johnson

A quarter of a century ago His Royal Highness Prince Claus of the Netherlands (1926-2002) formulated his statements on ‘development and equity’. To honour him and his work, a professorial chair in ‘development and equity’ was established in 2003: the ‘Prince Claus Chair’. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Chair, a conference was held in The Hague in November 2012. Each of the ten chair holders presented a paper written from his/her own perspective. These papers have been brought together in this book and show the diversity and richness of the theme. The volume also includes three essays by the promising young scholars who were judged to be the top three in a competition for the best Master’s thesis in ‘development, equity and citizenship’.

Power in Powerlessness

A Study of Pentecostal Life Worlds in Urban Chile

Martin Lindhardt

Exploring the ritual and everyday religious practices through which Pentecostal life worlds unfold this book breaks new ground in the study of Latin American and global Pentecostalism. In addition to asking the familiar question of why many lower class Latin Americans convert to Pentecostalism, the author asks another question, so far largely neglected in the scholarly literature: how, or through what processes, do people begin and continue to relate to themselves and the social world in a particular Pentecostal way? For members of the Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Valparaíso, Chile, life is pervaded by divine and satanic presence and intervention. Through its fine grained analysis of different ritual, discursive/narrative and reflective processes the book shows how church members integrate sacred others into their everyday lives ― or how they learn to live, think and behave as Pentecostals.

Lachen, huilen, bevrijden

De weerspiegeling van de Surinaamse samenleving in het werk van het Doe-theater, 1970-1983


Annika Ockhorst and Thea Doelwijt

Met de cabaret-musical Land te koop nemen Thea Doelwijt en Henk Tjon het Surinaamse en Nederlandse publiek in 1973 mee op ontdekkingsreis door Suriname. Na het succes van deze voorstellingenreeks richt het duo een vast gezelschap op: het Doe-theater. In de tien jaar die volgen groeit dit theatergezelschap uit tot een begrip in Suriname. Het Doe-theater streeft een professionele en eigen theatervorm na waarin alle Surinaamse culturen zichzelf kunnen herkennen en waarmee de bevolking bewust wordt gemaakt van misstanden in de samenleving. Door deze combinatie van professioneel, multicultureel en maatschappijkritisch theater heeft het Doe-theater een unieke plek in de culturele geschiedenis van Suriname.

Lachen, huilen, bevrijden beschrijft het reilen en zeilen van het Doe-theater tegen de achtergrond van een veelbewogen Surinaamse geschiedenis. Het portret dat zo ontstaat, is gebaseerd op het privéarchief van Thea Doelwijt, interviews met voormalige Doe-theaterleden en andere betrokkenen en Surinaamse en Nederlandse krantenartikelen. Foto’s, liederen, theaterteksten en de bijgevoegde documentaire Libi Span van Jan Venema geven een levendig beeld van het Suriname van toen.