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In the post-Enlightenment world, philosophy and religion have come to occupy different, even opposed, domains. But how were they related before this? What were the commonalities and dissimilarities between them? Did they already contain the seeds of their later division – or do they still share enough in common to allow meaningful conversation between them?

This new Brill series “Ancient Philosophy & Religion” provides an interdisciplinary platform for monographs, edited volumes and commentaries on this issue. It is edited by two leading scholars in the fields it brings together, George Boys-Stones (Ancient Philosophy) and George van Kooten (New Testament Studies), and is supported by an editorial board whose members are known for their work in the area. It invites scholars of ancient philosophy, Classics, early Judaism, ancient Judaism, New Testament & early Christianity, and all other relevant fields, to showcase their research on ancient philosophy and religion and to contribute to the debate.

The series’ subject matter is symbolized by its icon, used by courtesy and permission of the New Acropolis Museum in Athens. It represents a dialogue between philosophers, as shown on one of the reliefs of the funeral sacrificial table (mensa) from the “House of Proclus” on the Southern slope of the Acropolis at Athens, excavated in 1955. Dating from 350-325 BC, the reliefs of the mensa depict, after the lamentation and the farewell, the posthumous encounter of the deceased with the philosophers (1950 NAM 90).

The editors very much welcome proposals for monographs, edited volumes and even commentaries on relevant texts.

This series, which is the successor to the former SBL Texts and Translations series, publishes translations of ancient texts that are important for scholars and students of religion and not otherwise readily accessible. Texts may be in any ancient language, with priority given to those that date from the period between Alexander and Justinian. Volumes normally include the original text and English translation on facing pages, an introduction with bibliography, short explanatory notes that are not as extensive as those in a full commentary, and appropriate indices. The series also publishes selected texts, translations, and studies of ancient texts.

Colloquia Pontica

Series of Publications on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the Black Sea Area

This series aims to publish some of the huge wealth of archaeological material that is being discovered and studied around the shores of the Black Sea. Volumes will range from monographs on excavations and studies of objects to collections of papers and conference reports. The series is edited by Gocha Tsetskhladze with the assistance of advisory editors. This series is no longer published by Brill
On his death, Felix Jacoby left uncompleted the original plan for his massive and now standard compilation: Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. Not only was he unable to complete his commentary to Volume III C, but no parts of three whole sections foreseen in the original plan were ever published.
Jacoby did however leave behind a considerable Nachlass of more than 1200 pages of notes and outlines relating to his commentary to FGrHist Volume III C. Charles Fornara is undertaking the task of publishing in fascicles Jacoby's text (sometimes with minor modifications), making additions of his own (between brackets). In writing this commentary Professor Fornara has tried to follow the stylistic conventions which Jacoby preferred and has done his best to emulate his general approach. This first part of the work deals with Graeco-Egyptian sources (Nos. 608a-665). Once this is completed, Professor Fornara will write a general introduction to the Graeco-Egyptian segment, including part of what Jacoby had written. It is anticipated that the work will comprise 8 fascicles and will be completed before 2005.
An international venture is now also underway to prepare and publish two of the sections which Jacoby had planned but never managed to publish.
Part IV (Biography, history of literature and antiquarian literature) will be undertaken by a team including J. Bollansee (Leuven), K. Brodersen (Muenchen), J. Engels (Cologne), A. Henrichs (Cambridge, Mass.), E. Krummen (Zuerich), G.A. Lehmann (Goettingen), H.-G. Nesselrath (Bern), J. Radicke (Koeln), J. Raeymaekers (Leuven), G. Schepens (Leuven), and E. Schuetrumpf (Boulder, Colorado). The first fascicles can be expected in the course of 1999.
Part V (historical geography) is to be coordinated by a working group of the Ernst-Kirsten-Gesellschaft, comprising H.-J. Gehrke (Freiburg) as spokesperson, with P. Funke (Muenster), E. Olshausen (Stuttgart), F. Prontera (Perugia).
Furthermore a group working under Prof. G. Schepens (Leuven) has undertaken to prepare a full index to the existing volumes of FGrH. This will be ready at the end of the 1990s.
The work will be published in fascicles in a temporary paper binding. A cloth binding will be made available with the last fascicle.

This volume contains a complete collection of the fragments of the Greek biographers of the Imperial times as well as of the undated authors.
Apart from the Greek text, it also includes an English translation of the testimonies and fragments, and provides a rich commentary, making it a useful instrument both for scholars and students.