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Veronique Krings

The relations between Carthago and Greece are the subject of this new book by Véronique Krings, author of the Brill handbook La Civilisation Phénicienne et Punique (Handbook of Oriental Studies I, 20 (1995)). It covers the period from the expedition of Pentathlos of Cnidos to Sicily until the battle of Himera (580-480 B.C.).
In many (Greek) sources material can be found on the subject, e.g.: Herodotus, Diodorus of Sicily, Pausanias, Justinus and Orosius. All these sources are carefully examined, giving due attention to their specific contexts. The texts are consequently confronted with the archaeological evidence available and modern opinions are discussed from an historiographical point of view
This volume gives not only new insights into the nature of the relations between Carthago and Greece, but also throws a new light on the Carthaginian presence in the western Mediterranean.

L'empire des Arsacides

(Textes et Mémoires, 18)



Lugal ud me-lám-bi nir-Ğál

Le récit épique et didactique des Travaux de Ninurta, du Déluge et de la Nouvelle Création. 1. Introduction, texte composite, traduction

J. van Dijk

Lugal ud me-lám-bi nir-Ğál

2. Introduction à la reconstruction du texte; inventaire des textes; partition; copies originaux

J. van Dijk

Le Moyen Euphrate

Zone de contacts et d'échanges. Actes du Colloque de Strasbourg (10-12 mars 1977)


Edited by Margueron

History of the Jews in Aragon

Regesta and documents 1213-1327. Ed. and annotated by Y.T. Assis, in association with A. Gruzman



Études mithriaques

Actes du 2e Congrès International, Téhéran, du 1er au 8 septembre 1975. (Actes du Congrès, 4)


Various Authors & Editors

Recueil des inscriptions grecques du Fayoum

1. La 'Méris' d'Hérakleidès