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Textcorpus und Wörterbuch

Aspekte zur ägyptischen Lexikographie


Edited by Stefan Grunert and Ingelore Hafemann

The confrontation of the magisterial Wörterbuch der Ägyptischen Sprache (12 volumes, publ. 1926-1963) and the enormous possibilities for lexicography offered by modern techniques forms the subject of this new volume in Brill's monograph series Probleme der Ägyptologie.
It consists of papers offering of course an appreciation of the Wörterbuch, but also thorough contributions highlighting specific lexicographical and linguistic problems, and the new approaches and concepts in these fields. New directions for (Egyptian) lexicography are appearing, profiting from, and combining the solid lexicographical methodologies of the past, and computer-aided innovations of today.


Edited by John J. Cleary and Gary Gurtler

This volume represents some of the activities of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy from the academic year 1997-98. It
contains nine colloquia that were hosted by eight different colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. Discussions of the works
of Plato dominate this volume, with six of the nine colloquia based on Platonic texts. Appropriately, the colloquia begin with an analysis of division in the ancient atomists. Later, a study of truth in Aristotle gives a counterpoint to the Platonic interplay of drama and pedagogy or logic and rhetoric examined in papers about the "Theaetetus" and "Symposium". A presentation of Proclus’s account of evil revisits some of the issues of sophistry and morality discussed in relation to Plato’s "Republic" and "Euthydemus". Finally, the remaining Platonic papers are in a way not about Plato at all, but about Socrates and Xanthippe, supplementing Platonic dialogues with Xenophon and others. Underneath these discussions of ancient texts current modes of philosophy run along, providing a score of alternative interpretative schemes.

This publication has also been published in hardback, please click here for details.

Chinese Thought in a Global Context

A Dialogue Between Chinese and Western Philosophical Approaches


Edited by Karl-Heinz Pohl

How do Chinese and Western philosophical traditions interact today? In the underlying collection of articles both Chinese and Western scholars carefully examine the issue, one of fundamental importance for the mutual understanding of China and the West. The volume is the result of a symposium which sought to initiate a dialogue between China and the West on questions ranging from philosophy to politics and aesthetics.

The papers deal with various topics of cross-cultural hermeneutics, such as differences between Chinese and Western concepts of man’s relation to the universe, human rights, self and community, good and evil, and beauty. In some of the contributions attempts are made to adapt the Chinese philosophical inheritance to the modern or post-modern condition. A useful reference for all those - historians of ideas, political scientists, and China watchers alike - who want to understand the dynamics of the cultural flow between East and West and the significance of Chinese thought in a global context.

Edited by Antonella Sorace, Caroline Heycock and Richard Shilcock

Language Acquisition has been a much-disputed territory over which the conflicting claims of cognitive scientists, psychologists and linguists have long been fought. While for years each discipline has kept within its own theoretical frameworks, a fruitful recent development has been the increase in cross-disciplinary fertilisation of ideas between researchers of different orientations. It is in this spirit of collaboration that the GALA conferences on Language Acquisition have taken off. The aim of GALA '97 was to further promote cross-fertilisation across the different disciplines. The conference was an overwhelming success and this volume reflects both the eminence of the invited speakers and the richness of current debate. Presenting current cutting-edge research, the book fully illustrates the fruitfulness of the convergence of endeavours between researchers of different orientations. Containing a valuable introductory chapter from the editors that sets out the theoretical differences and standpoints on fundamental questions in language acquisition, the book presents eight papers based on the plenary lectures given at the conference. With contributions from major figures in the field, the book addresses the full range of core issues in Language Acquisition from the different viewpoints (lexical-semantic theory, generative grammar, optimality theory, experimental speech perception, computational modelling).


Jill Webster

This volume traces the development of Carmelite foundations in Medieval Catalonia and shows how they reflected the dichotomy between the Order's eremitical origins and the active mendicant apostolate in which it was engaged.
In discussing Carmelite life in an urban setting, mention is made of secular involvement with its positive and negative effects, popular piety and miraculous sightings and outstanding intellectual achievement. The conclusion raises the question that Carmelite friars might have migrated to Europe at an earlier date than traditionally suggested; similarly, that the inaccurate foundation document for Peralada dated 1206 was a fourteenth-century falsification.
The appendices provide supplementary material: archival documents, names of priors, royal chaplains, students and graduates and finally an alphabetical list of known medieval Catalan Carmelites. A bibliography and index complete the volume.

Edited by Erwin Fahlbusch, Jan Lochman, John Mbiti, Jaroslav Pelikan and Lukas Vischer

A major intellectual resource.
Jaroslav Pelikan, from the foreword.

The multiple award-winning Encyclopedia of Christianity (EC), copublished by Brill and Eerdmans, is a monumental five-volume work presenting the history and current state of the Christian faith in its rich spiritual and theological diversity around the world.

Volume 1 (A-D) contains 465 articles featuring
- articles on all but the smallest countries of the world, including the former communist nations that have gained independence since 1989;
- the latest statistical information from David B. Barrett on the religious affiliation and ecclesiastical breakdown of each country and continent;
- articles on doctrines, denominations, and social and ethical issues in relation to the churches;
- biographical articles on prominent figures through church history.

The Encyclopedia of Christianity is also available online

Der betende Sünder vor Gott

Studien zu Vergebungsvorstellungen in urchristlichen und frühjüdischen Texten


Sönke von Stemm

This volume provides important new insights into the concept of "forgiveness" in early Christian literature.
In contrast to much of the existing literature on the notion of forgiveness, which usually focuses on the preconditions for being forgiven, the author sets out to describe the actual meanings and connotations of this concept during the period in which the New Testament was being formed.
In early Christian texts the notion of forgiveness is expressed in a variety of ways. On the basis of detailed analysis of a number of early Christian and contemporary Jewish prayers the author uncovers an array of different shades of meaning, which often can be obscured in modern translations. In so doing he demonstrates the importance of this complex of meanings for early Christians, not only as part of their soteriology, but in their overall theological outlook as well.

Das Ende der Tage und die Gegenwart des Heils

Begegnungen mit dem Neuen Testament und seiner Umwelt. Festschrift für Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn zum 65. Geburtstag


Fenske and Michael Becker

This volume combines articles of established scholars on Jewish and New Testament studies in honor of the New Testament scholar Prof.Dr. Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn, Munich. The articles deal with various aspects of his work on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Archeology (Bethsaida), Jewish and New Testament Studies. Some of the contributions focus especially on aspects of eschatology in the time of the first century.


David Stephen Vanderhooft

This present study seeks to clarify the character and functions of the Neo-Babylonian empire in its relationship to subjugated populations, and in particular to the population of Judah. Vanderhooft investigates Babylonian imperialism from two complementary perspectives: from native sources, which project the Babylonian imperial self-portrait, and from the writings of the biblical prophets, which provide a portrait from the perspective of a subjugated population.

Linguistic Bibliography for the Year 1995 / Bibliographie Linguistique de l'année 1995 (2 vols)

and supplements for previous years / et complément des années précédentes


Edited by Mark Janse and Sijmen Tol