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Author: Michael Farmer
The Atlas shows for the first time the contemporary geography of the entire Tibetan Plateau, an area where major powers (China, India and Pakistan) meet in the highest landscape on earth, originally inhabited by the unique, ancient Buddhist civilization of Tibet.
Using extensive satellite imagery, the author has accurately positioned over two thousand religious locations, more than a third of which appear not to have not been previously recorded. Nearly two thousand settlements have also been accurately located and all locations are named in both Tibetan and Chinese where possible. This ancient landscape is shown in contrast to the massive physical infrastructure which has been recently imposed on it as an attempt to “Open up the West” and carry forward the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative”. With 120 maps in full colour.
Joining the Global Public in the Early and Mid-Qing Dynasty
The Chinese gazette as a publicly available government publication was distributed in a variety of formats since the twelfth century. Little is known, however, about its form and content before 1800. By looking at China from the periphery, this study shows how European sources offer a unique way of expanding the knowledge about the gazette of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Its interconnected history illustrates how the Chinese gazette, as translated by European missionaries, became a major source for reflections on state and society by Enlightenment thinkers. It thus joined a global public much earlier than so far assumed.
Volume Editor: Zhang Juwei
This translated volume is based on the Green Book of Population and Labor (No. 19) originally published in Chinese. The six chapters offer a panoramic view of China’s demographic evolution since reform and opening-up. Chapter one presents an overview of macroscopic trends in the size, structure, health, education level and spatial distribution of the Chinese population. Chapters two and three look closely at changes in employment and income. Chapter four focuses on rural industrialization, urbanization and their demographic implications. In chapter five, the contributor considers what Didi the ride-hailing App says about new employment models. The final chapter examines the development of non-standard employment and its impact on labor relations. Chapters two to six also include policy suggestions.
Volume Editors: Peilin LI, Guangjin CHEN, and Yi ZHANG
This collection of articles have been selected from the Blue Book of Chinese Society 2019, originally published in Chinese. Chapter one analyzes and forecasts China's social conditions from 2018-2019. Seventeen reports present China’s social condition in 2018, including income and consumption, employment, social security, welfare assistance, education, public safety, social and political participation, reconstruction and development after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, online public opinion. Findings are presented and analyzed from a number of social surveys on the public’s social and political participation, internet use among college students born in 1995-1999 and among adolescents, cyber security, volunteer services, and the conditions of poor households. Food and drug safety, ecological construction and China-US trade relations were given in-depth analysis. A statistical overview of China’s social development in 2018 is given in the appendix.
This volume presents the up-to-date results of investigations into the Asian origins of the only two language families of North America that are widely acknowledged as having likely genetic links in northern Asia. It brings together all that has been proposed to date under the respective rubrics of the Uralo-Siberian (Eskimo-Yukaghir-Uralic) hypothesis and the Dene-Yeniseian hypothesis. The evolution of the two parallel research strategies for fleshing out these linguistic links between North America and Asia are compared and contrasted. Although focusing on stringently controlled linguistic reconstructions, the volume draws upon archaeological and human genetic data where relevant.
Author: Yan Gao
This book centers on the changes of polders and investigates the complex hydro-social relationships of the Jianghan Plain in late imperial China. Once a “hydraulic frontier” where local communities managed the polders, the Jianghan Plain became a state-led hydro-electric powerhouse by the mid-twentieth century. Through meticulous historical analysis, this book shows how water politics, cultural practice, and ecology interplayed and transformed the landscape and waterscape of the plain from a long-term perspective. By touching on topics such as religious beliefs, ethnic tension and militarization, the author reveals a plain in between nature and culture that has never been fully examined before.
State and Individual in Inner City Renewal and Urban Social Movement
Author: Yunqing SHI