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Speaking in the Name of

Collective Action, Claim-making and the Development of Pre-modern Representative Institutions


Tim Neu


Edited by Mario Damen, Jelle Haemers and Alastair J. Mann

Jean d’Aspremont


This article questions the critical attitude that is informing the critical histories that have been flourishing since the ‘historical turn’ in international law. It makes the argument that the ‘historical turn’ falls short of being radically critical as the abounding critical histories which have come to populate the international literature over the last decades continue to be orchestrated along the very lines set by the linear historical narratives which they seek to question and disrupt. This article argues that the critical histories must move beyond a mere historiographical attitude and promotes radical historical critique in order to unbridle disciplinary imagination.


Jenny Benham, Matthew McHaffie and Helle Vogt