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A Semiotic Reinterpretation of The Great Ideas Movement for the 21st Century
This volume tests a hypothesis—philosophy and science are identical forms of behavioristic, organizational psychology: a psychological habit of wondering about causes of organizational existence, formation, and behaviour. Focusing attention on two universal and culturally influential great ideas—freedom and religion—this volume’s array of international scholars demonstrate that leading ancient and medieval philosophers did philosophy in this way. Also, well-known philosophers/scientists like Mortimer J. Adler and John N. Deely practiced philosophy this way. Doing so is precisely what made these philosophers uniquely capable of generating great ideas as motivational principles that dramatically alter cultures. In a nutshell, this work offers significant support for its historically and philosophically ground-breaking thesis.
The series "History of Metaphysics: Ancient, Medieval, Modern" intends to overcome the limits of current research by publishing both canonical and overlooked authors or topics. It aims to enrich and reassess the history of metaphysics through volumes on authors and topics that have shaped the history of thought and yet, for various reasons, have been ignored.

The publication of this volume has received the generous support of the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ERC Consolidator Grant NeoplAT: A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries), grant agreement No 771640 (

Cover image: © Florentin Tanas, Sursaut (detail), sculpture, Paris 2018, used with permission of the artist.
Author: Evan King
This study examines the motivations and doctrinal coherence of the Commentary on the Elements of Theology of Proclus written by Berthold of Moosburg, O.P. († c. 1361/1363). It provides an overview of Berthold’s biography and intellectual contexts, his manuscript remains, and a partial edition of his annotations on Macrobius and Proclus. Through a close analysis of the three prefaces to the Commentary, giving special attention to Berthold’s sources, it traces the Dominican's elaboration of Platonism as a soteriological science. The content of this science is then presented in a systematic reconstruction of Berthold’s cosmology and anthropology. The volume includes an English translation of the three fundamental prefaces of the Commentary.

The publication of this volume has received the generous support of the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ERC Consolidator Grant NeoplAT: A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries), grant agreement No 771640 (
Italian Perspectives on Apocalypse and Rebirth in the Modern Study of Religion
In The Life and Work of Ernesto de Martino: Italian Perspectives on Apocalypse and Rebirth in the Modern Study of Religion, Flavio A. Geisshuesler offers a comprehensive study of one of Italy’s most colorful historians of religions. The book inserts de Martino’s dramatic life trajectory within the intellectual climate and the socio-political context of his age in order to offer a fresh perspective on the evolution of the discipline of religious studies during the 20th century. Demonstrating that scholarship on religion was animated by moments of fear of the apocalypse, it brings de Martino’s perspective into conversation with Mircea Eliade, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Clifford Geertz in order to recover an Italian approach that promises to redeem religious studies as a relevant and revitalizing field of research in the contemporary climate of crisis.
This work invites us to view the Pyrrhonist tradition as involving all those who share a commitment to the activity of Pyrrhonizing and develops fresh, provocative readings of Sextus, Montaigne, and Hume as radical Pyrrhonizing skeptics: From the aspirationalism of Sextan Pyrrhonism, to Montaigne’s skeptical fideism and his unusual approach to the writing process, to the vexing interpretive issues surrounding Hume’s skepticism, each figure offers us new insights into what it can mean to Pyrrhonize.
Proclus and the Natural Theology of Time
This is the first monograph dedicated entirely to Proclus’ theory of time, showing the roots of his obscure claim that time is a god and a cause in his reception of Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics and Plotinus. Proclus’ theory of time appears as a natural theology, a reasoned ascent to divine principles starting from natural phenomena (in particular, from natural cycles and their synchronization). This theological approach to time develops the pioneering psychological approach of Proclus’ predecessor Plotinus, anchoring time not in the world soul, but in the divine unchanging source of the world soul’s life.
Regards sur cinquante ans de recherche (1967-2017)
Volume Editors: Olivier Munnich and Sébastien Morlet
This volume gathers the proceedings of the Paris conference in Philonic studies (2017), consisting of 23 papers by contributors from 8 countries. Fifty years after the Lyon conference, it aimed at taking a retrospective look at the intellectual contexts and the academic fields in which Philonic studies have penetrated, as well as the ways in which they evolved.
The work of the Alexandrian became of major importance in the history of philosophy. It has been studied as a source of cultured Christianity, in connection with Second Temple Judaism and the Alexandrian Jewish community, but also in the context of research on rabbinic Judaism, New Testament and philosophy of the imperial era.

Ce volume rassemble les actes du colloque de Paris (2017), qui réunit 23 intervenants de 8 nationalités. Cinquante ans après le colloque de Lyon, il s’agissait de réfléchir aux milieux intellectuels et aux disciplines universitaires dans lesquels les études philoniennes avaient pénétré le monde de la recherche, les bases sur lesquelles elles avaient évolué. L’œuvre de l’Alexandrin a pris une importance majeure dans l’histoire de la philosophie ; elle a été explorée comme source du christianisme lettré, en lien avec le judaïsme de l’Époque du Second Temple et la communauté juive d’Alexandrie, mais aussi dans le cadre des études sur le judaïsme rabbinique, dans le développement des études sur le Nouveau Testament et sur la philosophie de l’époque impériale.
Versuch über den Zusammenhang von Recht und Moral
Der in den modernen Gesellschaften ausgeprägte moralische Pluralismus macht es zunehmend schwieriger, das geltende Recht gegenüber allen Rechtsunterworfenen als legitim zu erweisen.
Das Buch untersucht, mit welchen Argumentationsformen die Anhänger unterschiedlicher Moralen einander von der Akzeptabilität eines bestimmten rechtlichen Rahmens überzeugen können. Dazu gehört die Verständigung auf eine Verfassung, die einen elementaren Schutz garantiert und Prozeduren für die Lösung von normativen Konflikten festlegt. Zudem wird deutlich, dass ein modernes Recht nur noch legitim sein kann, wenn es die Gefahr einer Tyrannei der Mehrheit mindert, indem es Möglichkeiten zur Regionalisierung des Rechts sowie zur Sezession bietet.
Mit der abschließenden Analyse der Toleranz als einer dem Legitimitätskonzept angepassten Tugend wird eine zentrale Anforderung an die Bürger moderner Staaten präzisiert.
Intellektuelle Tugenden und der Begriff des Wissens
Author: Steven Kindley
Diese erste deutschsprachige Monographie zur Tugenderkenntnistheorie gibt einen Überblick über die Debattenlandschaft und argumentiert für eine ihrer Varianten.
Der Fokus des Buchs liegt auf der Tugenderkenntnistheorie als Theorie von Wissen. Es führt voraussetzungslos in die Debatte ein, bietet ein einheitliches Definitionsschema für die so genannte aretaische Analyse von Wissen, klärt vor dem aristotelischen Hintergrund den Begriff der intellektuellen Tugend in unterschiedlichen Varianten und vergleicht die wichtigsten Strömungen innerhalb der aretaischen Analyse miteinander. Darüber hinaus liefert es eine Verteidigung einer bestimmten Variante der Tugenderkenntnistheorie – des Tugendreliabilismus –, in deren Rahmen der Begriff des Wissens mithilfe des Begriffs der kognitiven Fähigkeit definiert wird.
Volume Editors: Antonios Kalatzis and Enrico Lucca
The articles collected in "Into Life." Franz Rosenzweig on Knowledge, Aesthetics, and Politics focus on the significance of Franz Rosenzweig's work far beyond the realms of theology and philosophy of religion. They engage with a wide range of issues in philosophy and offer new insights, both by presenting an array of unpublished and underestimated sources and by bringing Rosenzweig's thought into dialogue with new approaches and interlocutors, such as Stanley Cavell, William Alston, Carl Schmitt, and Martin Heidegger. The result is a refreshing and original perspective on the work of one of the most significant thinkers of the twentieth century.