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Perspectives on Israelite Religion in the Persian Era
STAR - Studies in Theology and Religion, 5

Papers Read at the First Meeting of the European Association for Biblical Studies, Utrecht, 6-9 August 2000

The Persian era in Ancient Israel’s history is an intriguing period. The time span between Cyrus the Great and Alexander the Great was a theatre of shifts and changes. These changes are observable in daily life, in the organisation of society as well as in various religious phenomena. The essays in this volume originate from a seminar about developments and movements in the religion of Israel after the Exile, which was part of the first meeting of the European Association for Biblical Studies (Utrecht, 2000). The essays deal with questions like: How did religion help inhabitants of Yehud to cope with the new reality? How did this new reality influence the (re)formulation of Yahwism? What was the character of the existing Yahwism that was reformulated?

Rainer Albertz (PhD Heidelberg, 1972; Habilitation Heidelberg, 1977) is ordinary Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of Münster (Westfalen, Germany). His most recent book is: Die Exilszeit 6. Jahrhundert v. Chr. (Biblische Enzyklopädie 7), Stuttgart 2001.

Bob Becking (PhD Utrecht, 1985) is ordinary Professor of Old Testament studies at Utrecht University. He was co-editor of the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, Leiden 1995; 21998.

From the contents

Rainer Albertz & Bob Becking, Problems and Possibilities: Perspectives on Postexilic Yahwism
Rainer Albertz, The Thwarted Restoration
Bob Becking, Law as Expression of Religion (Ezra 7-10)
Ehud Ben Zvi, What is New in Yehud? Some Considerations
Mark J. Boda, Zechariah: Master Mason or Penitential Prophet?
Meindert Dijkstra, The Law of Moses: the Memory of Mosaic Religion in and after the Exile
William Johnstone, The Revision of Festivals in Exodus 1-24 in the Persian Period and the Preservation of Jewish Identity in the Diaspora
Antje Labahn, Antitheocratic Tendencies in Chronicles
Herbert Niehr, The Changed Status of the Dead in Yehud
Thomas Pola, Form and Meaning in Zechariah 3
Wolter Rose, Messianic Expectations in the Early Postexilic Period
Rüdiger Schmitt, Gab es einen Bildersturm nach dem Exil? - Einige Bemerkungen zur Verwendung von Terrakottafigurinen im nachexilischen Israel
Zipora Talshir, Synchronic Approaches with Diachronic Consequences in the Study of Parallel Redactions: First Esdras and 2 Chr 35-36; Ezra 1-10; Neh 8
David S. Vanderhooft, New Evidence Pertaining to the Transition from Neo-Babylonian to Achaemenid Administration in Palestine