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Editor-in-Chief Ronald Vonk

Contributions to Zoology solicits high-quality papers in all systematics-related branches of comparative zoology (including paleozoology). Preference will be given to manuscripts dealing with conceptual issues and to integrative papers (e.g., ecology and biodiversity, morphology and phylogeny and character state evolution, phylogeny and historical biogeography, systematics and bioinformatics, bioinformatics and biodiversity, habitat disturbance and biogeography, etc.). Reviews and alpha-taxonomic contributions are considered for publication, but acceptance will depend on their high quality and exceptional nature.

2018 Impact Factor: 2.139
5 Year Impact Factor: 1.954
Timing & Time Perception Review is the forum for all psychophysical, neuroimaging, pharmacological, computational, and theoretical advances on the topic of timing and time perception in humans and other animals. Timing & Time Perception Review has a multidisciplinary approach to the synergy of: Neuroscience and Philosophy for understanding the concept of time, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence for adapting basic research to artificial agents, Psychiatry, Neurology, Behavioral and Computational Sciences for neuro-rehabilitation and modeling of the disordered brain, to name just a few.

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