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Edited by Robert Aleksander Maryks

The growth of scholarship in the field of Jesuit studies continues to accelerate at an extraordinary rate. Staying current on a variety of subjects is becoming increasingly difficult for scholars, even within their own disciplines. This is even more true for students. In response to this trend Brill Research Perspectives in Jesuit Studies publishes four peer reviewed fascicles per year on various thematic and geographical/chronological subjects. RPJS complements other Brill publications in the field, such as the Journal of Jesuit Studies, the Jesuit Studies book series, and the Jesuit Historiography Online.
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The peer-reviewed Journal of Religion and Demography presents information on the state of religious statistics around the world in scholarly articles and sets of well-arranged tables. Disciplines represented in earlier issues include social science, demography, history, and geography. Each issue provides summaries of findings, sources, methods, and implications surrounding international religious demography. The target audience for the journal is anyone interested in demographic trends and developments with regard to religion.

NOW AVAILABLE - Online submission: Articles for publication in the Journal of Religion and Demography can be submitted online through Editorial Manager, please click here.
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The Boston College Jesuit Bibliography

The New Sommervogel Online (NSO)

The Boston College Jesuit Bibliography is a comprehensive online bibliography covering books, book chapters, journal articles and book reviews pertaining to the exponentially growing field of Jesuit Studies. In addition to basic bibliographic information, entries include abstracts, detailed subject headings, direct links to items in electronic format where available, and links to an item's WorldCat entries, which show where it may be located. The database covers more than 1,300 periodicals and is updated regularly. Thanks to generous support of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College, it is offered as an open-access resource.


From its very beginnings in the sixteenth century the Society of Jesus has maintained a unique tradition of bibliographic recordkeeping of works by and about Jesuits, starting with Pedro de Ribadeneyra’s Bibliotheca Scriptorum Societatis Iesu (1643). The largest and most authoritative of these efforts is the nineteenth-century Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus by the Alsatian Jesuit Carlos Sommervogel. In the twentieth century, the Hungarian Jesuit László Polgár carried on this work at the Rome-based Jesuit Historical Institute. More recently the Catholic University of Leuven has also been collecting bibliographic citations about the Jesuits.

Continuing in this tradition with the tools of the digital humanities, the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College has begun work on The Boston College Jesuit Bibliography: The New Sommervogel. Edited by the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, this rich online resource allows scholars to more rapidly familiarize themselves with Jesuit Studies, a field that has seen explosive growth in the past decade due to increased attention to previously understudied areas of the Society’s influence, such as Jesuit ethnohistory, mathematics, science, and theater. In 2013 alone, there were over 1,200 scholarly publications on the Jesuits. Given the field’s increasing popularity and the additional surge of interest in the Society due to Pope Francis’s pontificate, Jesuit Studies will likely remain a field of sustained growth for many years to come. We hope that The New Sommervogel will be a central catalyst in this upward trajectory.