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Alexandre Alexandrovich Loktionov

This paper investigates mutilation of the nose and ears in New Kingdom Egypt (c. 1550-1070bce). The topic is first contextualised within cross-cultural mutilation research, before discussion shifts to focus more closely on Egypt. The threat of mutilation in oaths is considered, as is the possibility of mutilation not being enforced if such oaths were broken. The paper then investigates the lived experience of mutilation, encompassing both physiological and social impairments. Finally, a ‘supra-practical’ aspect is proposed, considering the esoteric connotations of mutilation, this latter understood as a set of practices including but not confined to actual physical dismemberment.

Brill Open Humanities

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Editor-in-Chief Rens Bod

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Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Journal d'Histoire Economique et Sociale de l'Orient

The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (JESHO) publishes original research articles in Asian, Near, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies across history. The journal promotes world history from Asian and Middle Eastern perspectives and it challenges scholars to integrate cultural and intellectual history with economic, social and political analysis. The editors of the journal invite both early-career and established scholars to present their explorations into new fields of research. JESHO encourages debate across disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences. Published since 1958, JESHO is the oldest and most respected journal in its field.
Please note that JESHO will not accept books for review.
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Journal of Gender Studies in Antiquity