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Enlightened Religion

From Confessional Churches to Polite Piety in the Dutch Republic


Edited by Joke Spaans and Jetze Touber

The history of the relation between religion and Enlightenment has been virtually rewritten In recent decades. The idea of a fairly unidirectional ‘rise of paganism’, or ‘secularisation’, has been replaced by a much more variegated panorama of interlocking changes—not least in the nature of both religion and rationalism. This volume explores developments in various cultural fields—from lexicology to geographical exploration, and from philosophy and history to theology, media and the arts—involved in the transformation of worldviews in the decades around 1700. The main focus is on the Dutch Republic, where discussion culture was more inclusive than in most other countries, and where people from very different walks of life joined the conversation.

Contributors include: Wiep van Bunge, Frank Daudeij, Martin Gierl, Albert Gootjes, Trudelien van ‘t Hof, Jonathan Israel, Henri Krop, Fred van Lieburg, Jaap Nieuwstraten, Joke Spaans, Jetze Touber, and Arthur Weststeijn.

Mirela Altic

The suppression of the Jesuit order influenced the overall production and content of post-expulsion Jesuit cartography, however, important differences in terms of content and discourse can be seen in terms of maps by former Jesuits created in Europe (esp. the Italian Peninsula and Central Europe) as well as the origin of Jesuit mapmakers (Creole / non-Creole). The reasons for this included the cartographic sources that the Jesuits used in exile, the new intellectual circles within which they exchanged geographic and cartographic knowledge, and the reception Jesuit maps had among former Jesuits as well as within European commercial cartography. Post-expulsion Jesuit cartography also had important impacts on intercultural transfers between Europe and the New World more generally. The study makes a comparative analysis of examples of the post-expulsion Jesuit cartography (manuscript and printed) from New Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Quito, and Nueva Granada.

Paul Oberholzer S.J.

Translator Kerstin Maria Pahl