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Edited by Ulrich Schmid, David Parker and Elliott

This book provides transcriptions and images of some of the oldest parchment manuscripts of the Gospel of John in Greek. It contains also a complete critical apparatus of all the parchment manuscripts of John, including such important manuscripts as Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus. The transcriptions and plates are restricted to fragmentary and difficult-to-read copies. These havereceived the same detailed treatment as was used by the International Greek New Testament Project to make an edition of the papyri of John (Brill: 1995). The International Greek New Testament Project is a European-American project currently collaborating with the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung (Münster, Germany) to make a critical edition of the Gospel of John in the Editio Critica Maior.


Edited by M. Marcovich

Clement of Alexandria (ca A.D. 150-215) is one of the leading Church Fathers and the first Christian philosopher. His early Protrepticus is of great significance for Patristics, Classical scholarship, Greek philosophy and religion. The treatise is preserved virtually in a single manuscript --the famous Codex Arethae, Parisinus graecus 451, copied in 913-914,-- which proves to be lacunose, corrupt, interpolated and dislocated. The only critical edition of the Protrepticus was prepared back in 1905 by Otto Stählin (G.C.S., Volume 12).
The present edition is based on a thorough in-depth study of the Parisinus, on the inclusion of the entire opus of Clement, on an extended and updated Quellenforschung, and finally, on a more sensitive approach to meaning and textual criticism. The edition includes the Scholia.